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4/3 c10 3Emocean
You stay healthy too, authorさん! Healthy and safe!

Akemi would’ve sensed it if Shisui wasn’t really Shisui, right? So I wonder why he knocked him out like that. What’s he doing? Jeez. Even though they’re all really smart kids, I still kinda wish Itachi was let in because I always get that protective “I’ll handle it” feeling from him, despite everything, and I want him to be there to look out for his brother. It’s sad that the whole family can’t be there for him. It’s sad.

Excellent writing!
3/28 c10 1RavenclawGryffindor35
I really like this story! I look forward to the next chapter!
3/25 c10 Vidan6-98
3/22 c10 Jaja juja jeje
Kill Fugface and rip his eyes out for Eternal Mangekyo
Keep MILFkoto alive
Feed Danzo to Kurama

3/21 c10 Jaja
Incredible story! Read thru all chapters throughout the weekend and enjoyed every second! Looking forward to future updates.
3/19 c1 StoneTheLoner
Looks like you have an anniversary coming up. I'm kind of excited to see what an entire year of writing does for an author :)
3/19 c10 ShionHale
i really hate that fugaku. im glad akemi dont like him too. even i know akemi earning some father love from him. poor akemi
3/16 c10 Guest
Love this story!
3/16 c10 HuangBaiLian
Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you so much for updating! Please please please please please update again soon! I beg of you! I can't wait for more!
3/15 c10 IntricateHummingbird
ah, that's why he was having trouble healing him
Oh so this is why he told Obito that sharing is not caring all those chapters ago XD
At least he helped Kakashi get over his grief
Why would Shisui do that? I am very excited for the next chapter
3/15 c9 IntricateHummingbird
but i thought Akemi was practicing medical jutsu...
3/15 c9 IntricateHummingbird
I love whenever the OC delves into medical jutsu. It helps having something to heal yourself with
So Akemi doesn't care that Orochimaru has all those sharingan, in fact he's asking for help
Damn he died
3/15 c8 IntricateHummingbird
If the cat summon said he has a lot of chakra why does he get chakra exhaustion?
Also, awesome variation of the sharingan, if that's what it really is
Akemi could be the start of friendship between the 2 clans
Good thing Akemi warned Shisui and Itachi of Danzo
Wonder what the mission is
I see that hint at the bottom for the next chapter, hope it does not make everyone hate him
3/15 c7 IntricateHummingbird
Interesting that she had no hesitation to end the test by cutting him
He can pass out now that the test is over lmao
1000 hours of service!? Assuming he had 365 days, that's 2.7 hours of community service a day! (if my math checks out lol)
Baby Sasuke is so cute hard to imagine what he grows up to be in canon lol
Damn that revelation Orochimaru gave us is interesting, and chances are Fugaku wants Akemi dead
3/15 c6 IntricateHummingbird
It seems that new chapter was a false alarm on my end
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