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for MegaMan X IS: Director's Cut

7/16 c1 Reader
I think you should include madoka in this story this time the reason why is because the former pilots need an enemy from their era who somehow survived the phantom war not only that but madoka will see X as a rival and an enemy who she must defeat and surpass because X reminds her of ichika the one who stopped phantom tasks plans years in the era of thee IS so this will be her way of exacting Revenge on not just the former pilots but also the desire to destroy X well that my idea on giving the IS group an enemy that they need to defeat I hope it helps well seeya.
6/12 c11 4Bloodyguy
Can some of the future newcomers have Ratchet and Clank based weapons?
6/12 c11 Panther J
The first Maverick to rejoin the Maverick Hunters, Storm Eagle will make an excellent addition to the team. But with the threat of the X Foundation now clear, this war has taken a turn for the worse. Next up, it’s time to return to Flame Mammoth’s base and find the next Light Capsule. But with the Gokoh Five now returning for round 2, things are about to get really annoying with them. Looking forward to working on the next chapter.
5/6 c10 Bloodyguy
Does Project Uni looks exactly like the Stargate from the series with the same name?
5/6 c10 Theoldblood98
Storm eagle here we go!
5/5 c10 Jacob9594
Well a fun introduction to Koi Koi 7 and first meeting of new villains for our heroes.
5/5 c10 Panther J
This was an awesome chapter to work on. Now we’ve got both Jack Corvus and Queen Tia into the mix, while means we’ll be seeing them later on when our heroes are in a jam. Now it’s time to continue with the Maverick War and hopefully try to convince Storm Eagle to defect from Sigma’s army and return to the Maverick Hunters. Looking forward to working on the next chapter.
4/20 c9 Jacob9594
Well that is not good an evil alliance indeed.
4/19 c9 Panther J
Another chapter done. Now with two Maverick Generals done, that just leaves six more to go. Now the next time is the appearances of the Koi Koi 7, the Goken Five and the mysterious duo from the beginnings of the war. And after that, it’s back to fighting with Sigma’s army. See you in the next chapter.
4/7 c8 Jacob9594
Nice fight with Chill Penguin and seeing stuff more flesh out with Dr. Light.
4/7 c8 Panther J
The first Maverick General is down and 7 more to go. With the first of the Light Capsules found, the rest will be a little more difficult to find since some of them requires the other upgrades to reach them. But with Mr. X and Sigma about to join forces, things can only get worse from here. Can’t wait to work on the next chapter.
4/6 c8 Theoldblood98
Nice chapter! Very good! Worth the wait! Chill penguin has been defeated! One down , seven more to go!
3/19 c7 2Sonic245
suggest for more crossover: Megaman Battle Network
3/1 c7 4Bloodyguy
I just noticed something. Seeing the fights in this remake are better written then the old stories. When read them again, how the fights are written in the old Stories are... mediocre.
3/1 c7 Jacob9594
Nice introduction to the Authors this should be interesting.
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