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6/13/2020 c8 20JellyLollie
HELLO MRS OVERLAND! AAAAAHHH! Toothless the perfect cat is the best. And the vows! Thank you so much for writing this. I had so much fun. My brain kinda hurts right now but I'll probably binge the robbery story next. See you soon.
6/13/2020 c7 JellyLollie
This was just... It had EVERYTHING. It was heartbreaking, and funny, and fluffy, and perfect. The text messages were absolutely hilarious.

Elsa: What do you call her?
Jack: Dipshit.

I legit laughed out loud. Thank you, dude.
6/13/2020 c6 JellyLollie
So many other movies cameos. And also fuck yeah them bangin
6/13/2020 c5 JellyLollie
YES. THEM CUDDLING. Ayy, Jack hitting that thesaurus like a scholastic boy. My heart is breaking, dude. I wanna read what's next, but I also wanna live in oblivion.
6/13/2020 c4 JellyLollie
Fuck you. I was gonna make a joke about the whole "wanna come over? bring a change of clothes". I could barely breathe while I read that part. That poor boy.

Prior to that, I already love Mary. And "Tooth and Astrid. They're my boys too". Amazing.
6/13/2020 c3 JellyLollie
That a complete meal. Please make those rapscallions play strip uno. Loved the date. Poor babygirl nearly having a panic attack. Hero Jack coming to the rescue. Kiss on the cheek! Mwah!
6/13/2020 c2 JellyLollie
I am fucking finishing this if it's the last thing I do. Alrighto. Here we go.

Elsa, you insta-stalker. Also, texting. Kinda. Also, energy drinks. Just reading it made me feel the pain in my bones. "Why can I hear colors?"
6/8/2020 c5 4WinterFury10
Also (really sorry for spamming the reviews, I just love this fanfic a lot XD) LOVING Jack's substitutes for the nicknames! I literally laughed out loud at the "Infant woman" XD
6/8/2020 c8 WinterFury10
Okay, I didn't mean to post the previous review so quickly coz just those two lines don't do any justice to this compilation of fluff and comfort! Honestly, Jelsa from this fanfic are the ultimate couple goal! They're just so adorable and cute and comfortable and rEAL when they're with each other throughout this fanfic! and I really love how they both didn't need to do any grand gestures for each other to fall in love and them falling for each other is pretty realistic too! The writing style is also amazing and very easy to read and understand while not being basic at the same time. All in all: amazing fanfic, has tooth-rotting fluff, perfectly shows a healthy relationship and also shows their struggles with their past! Would recommend to anyone interested :D
6/8/2020 c8 WinterFury10
This fanfic was ADORABLE! It's just so fluff filled that it warms my heart and my very soul XD
6/8/2020 c4 WinterFury10
Can I just tell that even with the angst and painful backstories, this fanfic is just so wholesome? I haven't yet read the rest but dude, I'm really loving it <3
4/15/2020 c1 20JellyLollie
Ayy Sassy Jack is my favorite Jack! Alright, let's see what I can tackle.
The opening, man. It was so good. So dramatic. I loved it!
I'm a sucker for the He Said/She Said narration. You make it flow really well. I would even suggest you explore bigger gaps between scenes? Leave some blanks for us to fill in? I know this is complete but, like, in other stories.
I love Hans, and I can't wait to read him being a douchebag, and Jack and Elsa clapbacking.
Of course Anna would be a pumpkin spice latte basic bitch. And latte hotte Jack. Poor clumsy boy.
I'm sorry, I'm just reacting to the story with not much to add. It's pretty good. I'm a slow reader but you can bet your sweet ass I'll read the rest of it.
Keep writing, my dude. And see you back at the server!
4/1/2020 c8 16Fangirl DC
MY HEART CANNOT TAKE THIS MUCH LEVEL OF CUTENESS. SERIOUSLY I CAN NOT EVEN BREATH, ESPECIALLY THE LAST TWO SENTENCES OH MY GOD... That’s it, this is how I want my wedding. I loved How To Train Your Dragon reference btw and their vows, it is just- *sighs*, it is so freaking perfect and why am I grinning like an idiot, this was so adorable. I will miss this story, therefore, in the future, I hope we will see more and more of your Jelsa stories.
3/30/2020 c7 Fangirl DC
What... Okay, I am totally speechless because this was just too sweet, a bit angsty enough to make tremble and ruin a nail, it's just... Honestly, I know I said it so many times, but this story is just perfect. It is realistic, the characters are well-designed, even if the plot is around Jack and Elsa, you still care about the others too. What I liked most about this story is that they both have been through hard things and have tons of trauma and other mental problems, but they overcame together and they just understand each other... I wish people had this kind of real love. Again, I said it too much that it may sound annoying at this point, thank you so much for writing this story. That was an incredible journey.
3/30/2020 c6 10JohnTitor
Not gonna lie, didn't see that coming. No pun intended. Great chapter. Can't wait to see this to the end.
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