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for The Amazing Spider Man S1

8/5 c11 SuperiorSpyder
Now this is AMAZING. Admittedly I was little salty about keepin' the secret but in long run I can understand. Hopefully they'll grow to trust each other down the road of their crime-fighting career.
8/5 c11 lonewolfm23
great chapter keep up the great work my friend
8/5 c11 highlander348
Good chapter! Well I am hoping Peter gets together with Gwen now as his girlfriend. Ghost Spider could let slip she is aware of who Spider-Man really is surprising him. Then tease him she won't tell him who she right now making Peter frustrated. Lol
Please consider that idea if you can! Thanks!
8/5 c11 60D.J. Scales
Nice job so far.
8/3 c10 4Soledge1
hope she has different powers then Peter to mix things up. the same as Silk or Miles.
7/31 c10 Guests
Peter and gwen are perfect team up and spider couples.
7/23 c10 WinterRain36
Please let Gwen be twice as strong as Spider-Man! I am pleading here! Pretty please with sugar on top? Make your readers happy!
7/20 c10 60D.J. Scales
Oh boy oh boy this is gonna be a doozy.
7/20 c10 highlander348
Good chapter! Still hoping Gwen is stronger then Peter! Give the girl one advantage! :)
7/20 c10 SuperiorSpyder
YESSS FINALLY GhostSpider's Debut. Also nice reuse of the 90s S6 story. I cant wait for team-up.
Unrelated wonder, Im curious if you're gotta allow Venom to bond to both Spiders or just one in the future.
7/12 c9 highlander348
Can Gwen be stronger then Peter since in nature the female spider is bigger and stronger then the male?!
Please please consider it! It would be something Spiderwoman could tease Spiderman when they meet up! :)
7/7 c9 18MayoTango131
Not bad, your story is amazing. It's a miracle that you've mixed so many Spider-Man elements from other media (the good ones like the 90's animated series, The Spectacular Spider-Man, ultimate comics, and now Spider-Gwen) and still managed to create a stable and stable arc story. simple. Also thanks for writing Peter Parker just like he was in the comics before One More Day, and not as a parody of Tom Holland like many others.

I liked his team-up with Spiderwoman here since they are both treated as equals and not as they do in "Marvel's Spider-Man show" where Peter is a pathetic fanboy and the guest hero treats him like an idiot. Hopefully the next team-up will be with the Fantastic Four, or a frightened Wanda and Pietro Maximoff who run away from their father Magneto and his Brotherhood and that at the end of the day the phrase "with great power ..." convinces the twins from joining the Avengers, or a teenage Jessica Jones as Jewel.
7/6 c9 SuperiorSpyder
Oooh a SM3 Game reference, and Gwen finally gettin' SpiderPowers. SO EPIC. I'm such a nerd for references. I can't wait to read more of this
7/6 c9 Guest
That battle is amazing. Gwen stacy has spider power now. Well I hope she and Peter will reveal their secrets identity. Can you add Cindy moon aka silk in this story. We want to see spiders love triangle: Peter,Gwen,Cindy.
7/6 c9 Spidey
Gwen stacy is going to become spiderwomen or ghost spider. It would be awesome for them to work together. Gwen would probably hide her secret identity to peter, when the time is right
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