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for A Shinobi Among Monsters

16m c1 Efrm202
Amazing just binge read this like 2 hours ago out of all the Artemis is Naruto mom stories you’res takes the cake
2h c16 1CriticalThinker123
Awesome chapter. Not sure if you already have the fight planned out, but it would be interesting if Zoe insisted that she fight Aphrodite alongside Naruto (say it's because of her wanting to maintain her honor or something like that). To make the fight more interesting, you could possibly have Aphrodite be able to magnify the effect of spells she's placed on individuals if those individuals are close in proximity to her. Under this scenario, she could possibly distract Naruto/Zoe long enough for her to try and significantly harm the other. However, since the love spell is currently being amplified, whoever is not in danger would rush over to save the other... could possibly make for some nice drama (maybe Zoe tries to kiss Naruto or something after she saves him? Or something like that... I know that you said the story won't be NarutoxZoe, but it would be kind of funny for hijinks to ensue).

On another note, I assume Ares is going to intervene at some point. Or maybe Naruto has to fight Ares, and Zoe has to fight Aphrodite? If not, I assume Ares would be somewhat pissed about his girlfriend being attacked (it would be in character for him to use the opportunity to fight Naruto, considering Naruto had a pretty good handle on Atlas).
2h c16 fanreader18
I'm very much looking forward to that bitch getting the shit beat out of her. See ya next chapter!
2h c13 lavabeamlavabeam
~0~ what just happened?
3h c16 The Sorrowful Deity
Loving this :D
4h c16 BoredKing
Wow, I was writing a paragraph about how Naruto should just beat Aprodite's ass but then I scrolled down and that's actually his plan. I'm amazed, most people go out of their way to make violence the last possible (and in some simply refuse to acknowledge it) answer to their problems.
7h c16 Raghnall
Hope the whore is put six feet under tbh
7h c15 Buggy
Fuck, you really ruined the story here for me.
Why's he letting them insult him like that? They're insulting him simply for his gender?
They aren't taking his age into regard...
8h c16 4Professor Donger
"I need you to Distract Zeus While I beat the Absolute Shit out of Aphrodite" this is gold, GOLD.
8h c16 Zero
8h c16 shamacokwilague34
I love your stories ️ ... wish u could be updating this story every day
8h c16 narutouzumaki9718
Great chapter!
9h c16 Dark Dragon Tamer
That’s such a Naruto solution to the problem. Punch them until they see reason.

Loved the hunter stuff too. Naruto basically talked and fought his way to approval
10h c16 ThelittleKing
Looking forward to the battle, I have a feeling Aphrodite will never pull anything like that again in the future afterwards. Great chapter!
11h c16 Kage ongami
Love to see read next chapter of aprodite beatdown
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