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1/17 c17 rosaurocunanan16
Even if Naruto doesn't have his TSO and S06P or even if he shouldn't, this is fanfiction...so he can still have it.

That and technically, Naruto should have his TSO and SO6P because if you remember Naruto in his final fight against sasuke, he actually used SO6P and TSO, keep in mind that during that fight Naruto only have kurama in him.

Also Naruto only "lost" SO6P and TSO because of plot(him and sasuke being need so that the new generation could shine...I mean come on, the new gen really can't shine with two god lvl shinobi walking around and not nerfed.)

So yea, if kishimoto didn't make the "new gen" bullshit, then Naruto would still have his TSO and most of his SO6P in boruto, same for sasuke, he would also be able to use all of the sharin-rinnegan abilities like human path and so, on if kishimoto didn't do the new gen.
1/17 c15 rosaurocunanan16

Interesting...I hope Naruto ends up with Jeanne for a lover, tho I did read in the reviews that Artemis was kissed by...a filth..

I really hope said filth is killed soon.
1/17 c21 Shadow
Awesome chapter, loved it!
1/17 c14 rosaurocunanan16

Well, uh hahaha...I forgot to mention in my last review that you really did an awesome job on how you are able to make the fic so funny and serious at time.

Really looking forward to the hunters reaction to naruto.
1/17 c12 rosaurocunanan16

The story had been amazing so far but in this chapter, I just had to put my review because...

Of the last scene where the titan lord is talking to the "unknown figure"... it's sasuke isn't it? How can I say that? One word..."rinnegan"...

Look, I know he can hop to dimensions but I really hope that this "unknown figure" isn't really sasuke, cuz no matter how it works I just can't see sasuke getting there, cuz for 1)how would he be able to pinpoint the exact location of where naruto is? 2)how the heck can he know Which dimension(which is technically universe since it has it's own earth that is like the elemental nations((which is technically the earth of naru universe)))to pinpoint or even know that Naruto is in that dimension/universe?..

Also adding the sasuke is cool and all but...if your adding anymore characters than Naruto and sasuke, than that will just ruin the story, I get sasuke cuz he is an exception cuz of his rinnegan...but the point of Naruto dying is so that he can start a new life with new people, him getting to interact or even be with the people from is old life makes it kind of... pointless? Yes, let's go with pointless (since I do not want to be rude.)

Pointless because it defeats the entire point of Naruto dying or even going and being reborn in another dimension/universe, so please I beg you, please do not add any Naruto characters other than Naruto, please!

That is all I'll say for now, I won't go to down right insulting you and judging your fic quickly, I just wanted to comment on the fact that Naruto being reborn into another dimension/universe is a new start for him and it'll totally ruin the point of Naruto being reborn...so please I beg you again pls do not bring any Naruto characters pls(well sasuke is ok since he can cross dimensions/((universe?)) So he is an exception to it.) I hope I did not offend you or annoy you with this review...

It's just that I really really really REALLY like where the story is going and I admire how you have done Naruto's character development and how it effects the gods,demigods and the story itself...

Because in all honesty this is really one of the best and goodest "Percy Jackson X Naruto crossover"...

Tho I do wonder, if this unknown figure is not "the little "shit(sasuke((yes, I gave him a new nickname XD)))...then who is this unknown figure? Is it an OC that you had created? If so, then I am looking forward to how things will unfold.

But...if it is "the little shit" then I really hope that you don't bring anymore naruto characters other than him...

Anyways, I really love the 12 chapters I have read so far! Awsome story!
1/17 c21 OrionTheHunter
Huh didnt expect that kiss. I have feeling in chapter 12 that the mysterious man was orion and it turnt out true.

Just curious Naruto in chapter 17 while fighting Ares use Six Path Sage Mode so naruto became super fast but in this chapter naruto became even faster than in chapter 17, umm how is that possible?

And as alway great chapter author-san, no tupo as well plus great writing so very convenient to read

Chapter 21 is fast update by your standards I guess so thank you so much for this fast update. I really hope next update chapter 22 came out in mid February as well prefer in 14 February
1/16 c21 808Joker808
So Artemis and Orion huh, not my cup of tea.
1/16 c21 alexfilhoaqw
I'm still very surprised that he didn't pummel orion on principle for kissing his mom , i know both love each other but semantics.
1/16 c18 5eseer
I would have to say my fav fiv are, in no particular order
and Kono Dionysus Da
1/16 c21 6Selacha
This chapter vaguely reminds me of the "Broken Bow" series, with Armani Dove as the OC Son of Artemis. Specifically, when Hades resurrects Orion (being a demigod son of Poseidon in that world) to torment Artemis for slighting him. They break the spell Hades had him under, and he dies again in Artemis' arms. It's a rather touching scene, and this reminded me of it.
1/16 c13 5eseer
Sasuga, Kakashi-kami.
1/16 c21 3crescent-nightshade1
Gods, I loved it! It's amazing. No, i didn't remember, but i went back and reread it. Thank you so much for the update. You're a hero! Thanks.
1/16 c21 biob1
Nice work though truth seeking balls prevent regeneration. Minato lost his arm and it was still missing in soul form
1/16 c21 1R-king 93
Awesome chapter
1/16 c10 5eseer
Bold to assume you haven't been doing that the entire time to the world, noodle boy.
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