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for A Shinobi Among Monsters

3/25/2020 c2 Rodvek97
Good Chapter :D
3/24/2020 c1 axelg7684
Was that a plague inc reference sweet
3/24/2020 c2 2Bahamut13
Great story, your doing an awesome job making the character feel alive and the chapters themselves feel alive too. Continue with the good work
3/24/2020 c2 UzumakiO'brien
Please, continue! PJO x Naruto are two universes that I like a lot, mainly stories with crossover, the ones I read on this site did not have continuation and this made me upset, because here where I live - Brazil - there is no crossover. I confess that I find it strange that Naruto is the son of Artemis, but the plot is very good and I am having a great time with the relationship between Naruto and Apollo, almost as a father and son.
3/24/2020 c2 ProfessorGoblitz
Hmhmhh I liked the prank and the reactions on it
3/24/2020 c2 4DaDragon562
So pumped to see what these papers are. I can only assume he is writing the story of the Gutsy Shinobi Naruto uzumaki, a boy who endured what life threw at him until he changed the world and felled a god itself.

I really enjoyed this chapter, and am eager to see what happens as you further explore this world and Naruto's upcoming hunt/connection with the wilderness here.
3/24/2020 c2 KakeruPB
Ah, this was a nice chapter. I hope Naruto get's to hang out with Artemis and Hestia more. Artemis, considering his dream while Hestia, well who doesn't love Hestia? That and she made him ramen so of course he would want to know and spend more time with her.
3/24/2020 c2 1bashking
Thank you for the chapter looking forward to the next one
3/24/2020 c2 AsianZangWang
Great job!
3/24/2020 c2 ShivaReadear
Good job.
What do you do with monsters that have been converted by the whims of a god? (Like Medusa or Arachne)
3/24/2020 c2 3SoloChrollo
Is naruto ever gonna go to camp half-blood or meet anyone that's in the camp? and is there gonna be a pairing with naruto?
3/24/2020 c2 12mastercheif1229
Absolutely incredible chapter! I can't wait for the next one! Also, what year was Naruto reborn in?
3/24/2020 c1 Guest
holy crappp this is so good and I love you aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
3/24/2020 c1 1OoOXylionOoO
Pretty interesting concept.
3/24/2020 c1 Condescension22
This is a confusing concept, but really well written. Please continue.
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