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for A Shinobi Among Monsters

5/21 c21 suzga
your so good at bringing all your characters to life. I cried a little this chapter
5/20 c21 7Wally991
Yep, nope, dropping this. Orion kissing Artemis and she being okay with it? nope nope nope. Canon is that she saw him as a friend only. Leaving this. It was a good story, truly sorry this happened. bye bye and good luck with other projects
5/19 c17 Wally991
Apollo, Zeus...why are you even pretending at all at this point?
5/10 c17 NaruCrazy
Isnt he overreacting as far as puberty is concerned?
5/10 c1 NaruCrazy
its been 57 months since Naruto was born. You said 1 year beginning of the last interaction unless Artemis has come and visited him in between?
5/7 c21 thrg
its good but where is the next one?
4/23 c1 jprdec29
Amazing, I love it great story I hope you can continue this work and update the next chapter soon
4/23 c21 jprdec29

great work I love it , I hope you can continue this story and update the next chapter soon
4/23 c10 4Alyssa Namikaze Uchiha
i love this
4/23 c7 Alyssa Namikaze Uchiha
Omg i love the confusing of the nourns
4/23 c7 Alyssa Namikaze Uchiha
Please tell me other people here were chanting punch her
4/21 c21 Guest
My fav storyy really lookin forward to updates
tho the wait is killing me
4/17 c21 Ali3317
Please update soon
4/16 c21 53kira444
Oh please keep this story going. I really love what you're doing with the Half-Blood universe. It's actually cool what you're doing with the mythos and incorporating the changes to it.
4/15 c21 Bogty632
Please update this it a great story
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