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for A Shinobi Among Monsters

4/23 c1 jprdec29
Amazing, I love it great story I hope you can continue this work and update the next chapter soon
4/23 c21 jprdec29

great work I love it , I hope you can continue this story and update the next chapter soon
4/23 c10 4Alyssa Namikaze Uchiha
i love this
4/23 c7 Alyssa Namikaze Uchiha
Omg i love the confusing of the nourns
4/23 c7 Alyssa Namikaze Uchiha
Please tell me other people here were chanting punch her
4/21 c21 Guest
My fav storyy really lookin forward to updates
tho the wait is killing me
4/17 c21 Ali3317
Please update soon
4/16 c21 53kira444
Oh please keep this story going. I really love what you're doing with the Half-Blood universe. It's actually cool what you're doing with the mythos and incorporating the changes to it.
4/15 c21 Bogty632
Please update this it a great story
4/14 c21 ermatheghostchild
Update please
4/10 c21 1thatfanboi
This is one of the best story's I have read in months. thank you for making something this wonderful
4/9 c21 VaretiZoi
when are you gonna upfate
4/6 c21 Guest
Waaait is Calypso the person you have in mind fr Naruto or is she gonna be with Leo?
4/6 c20 Guest
Percy is just...funny
4/5 c4 DeltaWolf2038
whenever i look back at certain character, i keep seeing a trend, where they don't ever train certain things about them. naruto never tried to learn many jutsus, always wanting to be taught the next "cool" justu from someone, and with percy, we never hear about him training himself in his water abilities. he almost made a Goddes fade with her own poisons for gods sake, and that was just when he was angry, whenever he used his powers it was always like... oh... wait there be water nearby, i wonder if i could. and he could keep a container of water on him at all times, like garra with his sand. and with the weight of that water he would get stronger anyways... welp, thanks for reading my rant if you did, hope you have a good day...
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