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for Mortal Draw, Dragon's Breath

6/23 c5 DarkAres12
yes this son of a bitch always does that I don't know if he's really lazy or directly a cretin
6/21 c5 ZeBaguetteFromFrance
why is it always the most promising stories that get dropped early without getting into their plots proper. It is absolutly grating to see such amazing looking story with clearly talented writers just getting nothing further than barebones. I hope that maybe one day you'll consider picking this story back up because it shows incredible amounts of potential just begging to be exploited. I understand writting is hard and writters block is pain but please if you ever get the drive and the time to continue this i would love to see where this goes!
4/13 c5 Talon-The-Turncoat
There’s nothing worse than finding an incredibly promising story with only a few chapters, I hope you one day update this.
3/4 c3 Guest
The fact that the two Mortal Blades in Sekiro are black and red, while Demon Slayers who have the potential of wielding Sun Breathing have black swords that eventually turn red, goes to show how these two IP’s are meant to go together.
2/25 c5 2KingAntasma
Okay, I was not expecting an update when I returned to reread this fic. Can't wait for more! :)
2/23 c5 Dasgun

2/23 c3 Dasgun
2/23 c2 Dasgun
2/23 c1 Dasgun
2/19 c5 Guest
Dang, Sekiro’s social awkwardness could give Giyu’s a run for his money. Imagine them being in the same room together, it’ll be more silent than an anechoic chamber.
2/6 c5 bravefrontierpark
Amazing story so far! I can't believe it took me this long to realize that Sekiro and Demon Slayer were meant for each other!

I absolutely love how you write the fight scenes. Excellently paced with punchy dramatic tones.

I hope you're still working on this fic. I hope to see more!
1/23 c5 6ZeaDragon
Well holy shit. This is actually an amazingly done crossover and you got all those fancy metaphors to describe things perfectly, with Wolf's fight with Muzan and the encounter of the pillars with the Divine Child.
1/20 c5 BlueCore
Just found this story after beating sekiro, can't wait for more
1/19 c2 DegenerateWeeb
I'm somewhat confused with this chapter. Sekiro defeated Isshin in his prime yet he was unable to butcher Muzan without the mortal blade?

Nonetheless, such an amazing chapter. You really captured Muzan's god complex and fear of dying.
1/10 c5 thaqiftalip
A rich sight indeed
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