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10/29 c35 1shadowdawn7971
So Reaper in Red brought me to your page. And boy am I glad it did. This story was priceless and I do look forward to you continuing with it and hope that it truly isn't dead. I'm not sure where you are going to go with this but I'm in for the ride. Even if you are one of those believers in a red-headed Ruby. But no one is perfect, I supposed. :-P Keep up the excellent work, please and thank you.
6/8 c35 cassnova5424
6/8 c31 cassnova5424
6/8 c23 cassnova5424
its a life goal of mine to be this frustrating to others
6/8 c20 cassnova5424
this was so cute i think my heart stopped for a while...
6/8 c17 cassnova5424
neat Pyrrha is kinda psycho
6/8 c15 cassnova5424
waffles are superior :[
6/8 c13 cassnova5424
5/10 c35 9BunnyGirlErika
Child Ruby is adorable.
5/10 c27 BunnyGirlErika
Spoiled brat? Not much room to talk yourself there Weiss.
5/10 c1 BunnyGirlErika
You know there's a reason why they say you should be careful how you to talk to people, because you don't know who that person is or could be.
4/19 c35 Kin
Was this work abandoned?
11/29/2020 c35 34NinjaGogeta
I feel like you write Ruby like a 5 year old sometimes, not a ten year old. Ten year olds can be pretty childish, naturally, but maybe how she acts and how she’s treated is a little below what it maybe should be for her age.
11/24/2020 c35 Ty
Please update
11/16/2020 c35 firewyrm2
I came here just for information on Reaper in Red.
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