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10/10 c2 Comrade Broseph
I liked it. Eren and Subaru have a lot in common.
9/21 c2 Tim Ngu
Thanks for still being alive!
9/18 c2 Maximum Rhapsody
Would you do another Crossover with Re: Zero with another anime like Rising of the Shield Hero or Kimetsu no Yaiba or another from Attack on Titan but different, like making the Re: Zero characters travel to one of those worlds or maybe the other way around, or that Subaru has some of the abilities of those worlds.
4/17 c1 Tim Ngu
I used to hate eren for his immaturity. While understable yet not sympathetic. But now that’s older, calmer, and wiser. I respect him as easily one of my favorite characters. His speech always hold a place in my heart. May HIS Force be with you 3
4/4 c1 2Weebsweb
Interesting. I hope to see how you integrate Subaru into AoT. :)
3/21 c1 1Artorious1776
Great first chapter. Really looking forward to seeing whats to come in the future. Please, keep it up :)

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