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for she does pretty well with fiends from hell

4/17 c5 9JimmyHall24
Ah the PTB.

Did you know that useless is a synonym of The Powers That Be? lol
4/10 c4 JimmyHall24
I love it.
3/27 c2 40Black' Victor Cachat
Very creepily done with Joker indeed! And Harley not only unnerving in how she is treating their victim, but also the sense she is still human...

LOL Harper is going to be SO disappointed that it is not that Steph is straight, but more that Harper is not her type :-P Or that it is less of gender, and more that would love Cass (surprise there with the vampire bit) regardless of gender.
3/22 c1 Black' Victor Cachat
I never followed Buffy, but I still understood what you were using, and this was a very good chapter. Felt sad for Stephanie at times of course, but also nice humour. Really hoping for more, especially now that she is resolved to indeed live :-)

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