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for The Bureau Files: Series 5

11/18/2020 c13 3Mad Jaggs
so I'm loving it all, but is Haru ever going to open portals again like in Grace's world? or is it back to the remnants of a portal required
7/22/2020 c16 12DiamondAndPearlStories
I'm cry-laughing at these bloopers, I can't wait until the next series begins. I rarely reviewed this series because I didn't really know what to say but overall I really loved how things developed with Barons emotional... 'journey' and Toto's spotlight moments. Louise's change reminds me of Vision calling himself neither JARVIS or Ultron, just something new, I wonder if that was your inspiration?
7/21/2020 c16 LilyTarius04
Ahhhh im too happy! you did such an amazing job with expanding the universe and developing all the characters
6/28/2020 c15 Guest
I was wondering about how the dragon issue would be resolved! Also, series 6 already sounds amazing!
6/28/2020 c15 3Suzumehime
Awww... I can't believe it's the end of series 5 of Bureau Files! Have always looked forward to your weekly updates.
I'm glad all is well with everyone in the end, especially Toto and Baron.
And yes, please! Series 6
6/27/2020 c15 4Fairyhaven13
Yaaaay! It's been a long time coming and I am so happy everyone finally got their act together and decided to be a family. Haru and Baron are finally Official and all of them can stop bottling things up like they're martyrs and care for one another properly. I hope that the alternate, dark furred Baron is doing just as well as year into the future.
6/27/2020 c15 Amanda
Beautiful ending!
Please do continue with series 6!
I’m curious about whether the bureau will meet persephone. Will baron eventually be able to be friends with Louise? Will Louise become a new member of the bureau?
I’d also love another special! Maybe a lighthearted Halloween special since you’ve done a Christmas one?
Also I’d love any missing scene/ missing cases fics.
6/26/2020 c14 Fairyhaven13
Ooo they're getting the Sanctuary back! And Baron is back, too! Maybe he can finally learn how to person. Maybe the doll will provide a soul for the Sanctuary go use, so that Louise can be herself. Or maybe Louise will decide to be herself as the Sanctuary. Either way, I am very excited to see what happens next.
6/20/2020 c13 58Nanenna
Baron you idiot. I'm glad he got some sense knocked into him.

That was an exciting cliffhanger! I'm glad Toto's ok
6/19/2020 c12 Nanenna
Took her long enough to figure it out, but some things are so slow to happen it can take a while.

Also those teases of cases we saw only little bits of! I do love Haru telling her mom stories.
6/16/2020 c13 Guest
YESSSSSSSSSSSS! Haru finally talks some sense into baron, Toto is back, and the sanctuary!
6/16/2020 c13 3Suzumehime
Baron's back! T.T
And Toto -!?
6/12/2020 c12 4Fairyhaven13
Finally I got through to the latest update! I love this series, I am so invested. I recently watched the movie and the end left me needing closure between Haru and Baron and your stories have continued it in ample amounts. They aren't just in-character, they expound on it, into development far beyond what the movie had. I feel like, where the movie was about Haru accepting herself, this whole series has been Baru being forced to learn who he is with her in his life. And, every time he gets close, he finds a new layer of denial to shunt behind, trying to be who he was before he knew her. And it's tearing everyone apart. I need him to get a hold of himself so that everyone else can, too. I can't wait to see how the next few chapters play out; I'm on the edge of my seat.
6/9/2020 c12 23Ariza Luca
Took me longer than necessary to catch up on this fic, but I've finally caught up. I was wondering how you were going to start a whole new arc after the last series, but somehow I didn't see this. I'm really enjoying this! You have a good way with words (and I have read every single one of your Cat Returns fics, haha).
5/30/2020 c11 Trisomia
Plunging hand into someones chest and heart, plus that last teaser gave me serious OUaT vibes :D Can’t wait for next saturday
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