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for A Second Chance

9/14 c3 Guest
Wish for more chapters. I’d love to see skull re-meet all of them. Especially viper. Viper can find out skull is Harry James Potter or is it Holly Lily Potter when she’s a girl. Anyway I’d like to see them find out it’s because of skull they have magic. But I want to see how they meet and a few differences like we’re they learned magic etc. Maybe 2 go to school in France and come to hogwarts for the tournament. Maybe viper, verde, skull and lal go to hogwarts. Fon could to I guess or maybe verde goes to durmstrang. Either way it would cool to see that. And than a flash forward to see Xanxus and Tsuna maybe being helped in some way
9/12 c3 10Genuka
*cackle* Fantastic! More please!
9/9 c3 loretta537
I miss this story and hope you can continue it one day.
8/6 c3 poyochan
love it! please more
8/2 c3 kogentasprimo
more man more!
This was hilarious!
7/14 c3 Guest
So what about Hadrian James (m) and Harriet/Dorea Lilian(f) Potter!?

So Skull was living with Viper who's actually his cousin?

Also since baby Harry hasn't been through also that damage from the war I wonder if he's technically a Cloudy Sky?!

Goblins to the RESCUE! All in the pursuit of Money of course. To open up the Potter, Slytherin, and Peverell vaults for business again and maybe even an Evans Vault?
6/16 c3 3Akuma no Hono
I cackled so hard at the Omake, it is life giving lmao.

I'm loving the story so far, hope you update soon~
6/1 c3 1Silver303
I love this story so much! A small idea can Skull, like, recognize that the Arcobaleno followed before anyone else, and then act like a complete stranger when they turn up? Like, so, the Arcobaleno have all met up except for Skull and when they see his lookalike they go to talk to him, and then he acts like a really polite cloud. ( Excuse me, I don't know you., Take your hands off me! etc.) Basically they get to see him in true form because he's the only one who doesn't "come back" so to speak. Essentially, one big prank on the Arcobaleno.

I'm so mean, aren't I? I mean you don't have to, I'm not demanding it, but I thought it would be funny!
5/23 c3 bookimp
Haha... I love Rainbow babies (kids I guess) in Hogwarts. I look forward to them encountering Skull.
5/21 c3 1weather witch nami
plz tell me theres more of this wonderfull story planned
5/21 c3 zakuranavarro
Espera entonces terminaste aquí o continuarás, por favor dime que continuarás por favor la 0erspectiva de la historia esta demasiado buena
5/17 c3 ArcaneDragonLord
The Omake is pure gold!
5/10 c3 IgnisFelicis
That omake was hilarious! Lovely story!
5/10 c3 Celina
I wonder what kind of future they will experience because they will not meet tsuna and his guardians as small kids but older people.
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