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for Black Days

1/29 c13 ArmadaScream
Loveing it.
1/28 c13 1Amazingchingao
Great stuff. Wonder what talk to drake about?
12/16/2021 c12 Guest
Awesome update
12/16/2021 c12 Amazingchingao
Great chapter and I happy this story got a update.
10/28/2021 c11 Spawn Hades
Goddamn I love this story, I've just read it all in one night. And cannot wait for more! Jason's whole operation is so dang convoluted and powerful that I know it'll be a blast to see how it either saves Gotham or crumbles to the ground like the Militia did in Arkham Knight.

Joker still remaining a total wildcard is also still a looming threat I feel, just waiting and watching as events unfold... quote unsettling.
10/24/2021 c11 Guest
You should put this on ao3 there're alot of jason todd fics and they get lots of love
7/11/2021 c1 MMinns
Your story is awesome. Keep it up!
6/15/2021 c10 Amazingchingao
Great job
5/27/2021 c9 CSredfox
this is the best, it's pretty much perfect!
5/3/2021 c8 ArmadaScream
Loved that we got more joker.
4/10/2021 c7 Amazingchingao
I should've expected the court of owls. Awesome!
4/2/2021 c6 Amazingchingao
As always good job
3/26/2021 c5 ArmadaScream
Just found your story and I love it.
3/16/2021 c4 Guest
Love all the callbacks to older stories.
3/16/2021 c4 Amazingchingao
This chapter was great! Keep up the good work.
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