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for Ziyal's Last Secret

4/27/2020 c1 Guest
I doubt that Damar would have killed Ziyal if he had known she was pregnant. He was a soldier, a hard and ruthless officer but he was in his own way an honourable man; besides he was always loyal to Dukat and I can't see him killing his mentor's innocent grandchild (he might have planned to kill Ziyal for treason after the child was born but he would have waited).

If Garak had known he would have made sure that Damar died horribly but not before seeing everything he ever loved turned to ashes.

At a guess Garak would have framed him for treason against the Dominion, and then made sure to warn Damar just in time for Damar to personally escape before the Jem'hedar came for him. That way Damar would survive to see the Jem'hedar wipe out his family, his friends, and all the Cardassian soldiers who were personally loyal to him. Garak would make sure that Damar learned the full and horrible truth about the Dominion's reprisals and then would himself have personally assassinated the grieving Damar and made it look like the Dominion had been behind it.

That way Ziyal and her chid are avenged, Damar is utterly destroyed (and possibly turned into a useful martyr to Cardassian freedom). Furthermore if Garak was careful in how he originally framed Damar he could have convinced the Dominion that the warning about Damar's treason came from someone loyal to them thereby giving Garak the opportunity to establish one of his own agent's bonafides as a Dominion loyalist while simultaneously placing said agent perpetually at Garak's mercy since if the agent was ever disloyal all Garak would have to do to destroy him would be to reveal the fact that Damar was framed and place the blame on the agent.
3/21/2020 c1 26Iniki Melset
Really beautifully done! Kira's and Bashir's reactions to Ziyal's death are so true to character, the way Bashir mentions the news of Ziyal's pregnancy, and how both face the fact her life and that of her child-to-have been cut short are yet another tragedy to be faced...

Garak's reaction to his loss is so well-analysed, his disbelief and barely hidden sorrow... The way I see it, his reaction to this specific death is true sorrow. He may have killed a number of people, Cardassians and others, to safeguard Cardassia's interests, but Ziyal's death was unnecessary, caused by the one individual who was guilty of treason, Damar. That question at the end makes the stor even more poignant.

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