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20h c17 10IX404
Excellent! That'll cut Cerberus back down to size.

Nicely done.
6/30 c17 Lord of Steel
Ok, so for this chapter, I'll keep it brief since the chapter was solely in a single setting. It could not have been easy trying to accurately depict how Black Ops Special Forces operate, but I definitely felt the impressive measures taken to limit the N-teams' presence in the Cerberus base in the limited time they had. It's unfortunate they were unable to extract all the data in the base's servers, but the data they did get should hopefully prove useful in weakening the growing Cerberus movement or perhaps improve the Alliance, provided they don't blatantly violate the morals and public image of the Alliance. On another note, since there are no survivors from the biotic experiments, this is likely not the location where Jack, aka Subject Zero, is housed if she is even born at this point, so she will have to wait until later in the story. That's really all I have for this chapter, and I have no questions at this time, so I will be seeing you in the next update. See you later. Glory to Mankind!
6/29 c17 Blaze1992
Burn in hell TIM!
6/29 c16 Blaze1992
In one chapter 2 baddies got slapped.
6/28 c17 MarauderPrime12
Excellent chapter
6/27 c17 Immortal Potatoe
Damn Awesome!
6/27 c17 Bisaster
This would be an amazing chapter if the interval between releases wasn't so damn long. As it is, it's kinda disappointing? Well written but not at all what I was hoping to read when I saw this finally updated. I kept reading, then I started skimming, then I noticed I was past half way done scrolling down and the scene wasn't about to change anytime soon, then the disappointment kicked in.

Whenever this gets finished or even gets 5-6 more chapters, this chapter is gonna be pretty good, maybe a bit too wordy for getting from A to B sneakily, but good for new readers. For the rest of us it's kind of a disappointment. I was hoping for more macro stuff, butterflies or the MC doing something crazy at the Citadel but instead I got a long stealth segment with side characters at best, throwaway OC's at worst. There's obviously more to it than this, it's implied that N5's are pretty good at their job and some new tech but still.

Didn't sleep in 48 hours so I might be repeating myself and being kinda rambly, my bad if it's a clusterfuck.
6/27 c17 Vansmoke
Is it necessary to put a background profile for your side characters? This chapter is a bit heavy on such subject, and a bit too detailed about your sneaky scenes. I mean, going from point A to B sneakily needs few paragraphs worth. I honestly skimmed those overly detailed scenes. Too informative lol
6/26 c1 Guest
There is no appearance that humanity is striving for unity. Add for this at least some names like Zhu Ming, Heinrich Kreutz, Ivan Morozov, etc.
6/26 c17 simplicity.exe
Love your stuff, pausing near the begin ing of the chapter just to ask something about the ME universe. Niles just put his hand up to hack the door and the orange glow of his omnitool lights up for the task. Given that you had just talked about stealth it strikes me as odd that the ME universe hasn’t got military nods to hide the glow in stealth missions? I do t recall if Kasumi ever uses the omnitool under stealth though so maybe in game tech does exist? Not a critique just something that crossed my mind about the lore I guess.
6/26 c17 Caboose118
6/26 c17 JKingSniper
Cerebus gotta be wiped out
6/26 c17 JKingSniper
TBH agreed with commenter Velzon
like to see effect of MC's presence more
6/26 c17 Guest
love it
6/26 c17 dan.lew.upg
cant wait for more
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