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for Drowning

4/7/2020 c5 1madcloisfan
Loved it
3/25/2020 c5 44Black' Victor Cachat
Nice that people are there for Peter like this, and that MJ knows he is Spider Man early
3/23/2020 c5 shadowswithouthope
This is very well done. Thank you for sharing.
3/22/2020 c5 agent222
If the Dr. Cho you reference in the story is Amadeus Cho, in the comic book 'verse, he is supposed to have intelligence around the Tony Stark level, though just a teen. In that universe he is Brawn, a reduced power Gamma subject, not a psychologist. In the comic 'verse, I don't believe "Doc" Sampson is/was SHIELD. He, with the meditation techniques Peter is learning from Sam Wilson's VA contacts, would've been a big help to Pete.
3/21/2020 c1 agent222
As far as I know he doesn't exist in the "Marvel Cinematic Universe," but in the comic book 'verse, there is Leonard Sampson, Phd. , Psychologist. The long green haired Gamma infused "Doc" Sampson. He has tried to help Bruce Banner. You probably already have someone in mind for your story. But a Gamma infused psychologist to help a genetically, irradiated, spider venom induced teenager...

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