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7/20 c16 6BleckBlah5956
Hugs Arkun and Bilbo close* my babies... well your babies but babies! Love this update soon please
7/18 c16 13Aslan's Princess
Arkun was a surprise. Oh, and everything he went through, all the guilt and pain. At least he has a friend in Bilbo who can assure him and help him heal.

Oh-ho! Bilbo being a force to be reckoned with among pirates. I can certainly see that, especially since this is his second time through life. He's older than all of them and then some. :-) At least he finally managed to get at least semi-comfortable on the ship.

Looking forward to where else this pirate phase leads Bilbo, and any hints of where he'll go afterwards.
7/18 c16 5PoneyRose
oh yeah Arkun !
looking forward to the next chapter
7/18 c16 3Nameless Angel 00
I honestly laughed when the update popped up shortly after I Followed the story~
7/18 c15 Nameless Angel 00
Despite the slight discrepancy I mentioned earlier I love this story and honestly can't wait till you update~
7/17 c4 Nameless Angel 00
Woops sorry I accidentally swapped the years that they died.
7/17 c3 Nameless Angel 00
Some facts are incorrect Belladona and Bungo didn't die until 2926 and 2934 respectively and Bilbo was also in his 131st year when he was last seen.
7/12 c15 2Akrisakara
Love it! Can't wait for more. An over view of the six years would work with notable events. Keep up the great work.
7/10 c15 6BleckBlah5956
POTC plot thickenses anyone? lol lovely please update when you can?
7/10 c15 13Aslan's Princess
I definitely did not see this coming. With hobbits in general having an aversion to water, I didn't think that Bilbo would willingly get on a ship. For six years no less. He'll definitely survive Lake Town better when the time comes.

Hm. Based on the figures I guessed before, would there be fourteen years until the quest after this venture? I guess I'll see when the next bit comes. :-)
7/10 c15 LadyZee86
I like how you're incorporating myths. Are you going to throw in hansel and gretel or any more disney esque stuff?

I love that your creating and involving more of the family to the company. Bilbo is definitely defining himself with his pre quest shenanigans.
7/10 c15 Valentina1105
You just need to put some scenes from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies in the next chapter or chapters and I will definitely love this story forever XD
7/10 c15 Valentina1105
You just need to put some scenes from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies in the next chapter or chapters and I will definitely love this story forever XD
7/9 c14 Aslan's Princess
I did not see the former Nazgul offering their services to Bilbo. But I am sure that will prove useful Battle of Five Armies or War of the Ring.

Oh, ho. I look forward to seeing Gandalf's reaction at Beorn's when they arrive during the quest. Beorn being familiar with Bilbo -and- Nori, welcoming the two of them? Oh, yes. That will be amazing. Actually, I'm looking forward to seeing Gandalf being completely bewildered for a good part of the journey. :-)

Ah, the origin of the Robin Hood legends. I certainly hope that the lower levels of Minis Tirith have a better chance of thriving now. What is that hobbit going to do next?

Hm. Bilbo is just about thirty now? I can't remember straight off how long he lived in Rivendell with his mother before he went on the mission to free the Nazgul. Then possibly a year and a half was covered here. So roughly twenty more years of preparation left? A guess.

Looking forward to the next part.
7/9 c14 4Arkinstone
I absolutely adore what you have done so far!
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