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5/12 c20 Eliza
Why was Akiho the one who said that? I mean, I don't blame him for moving Ben away from his gf who's literally a dragon.
5/7 c17 1Massive HTTYD Fan
You know, when I watched D2 for the first time, I was absolutely stunned at the amount of swashbuckling. There was so much! I'm just glad to see the AK girls appreciate it.
5/7 c9 Massive HTTYD Fan
Emma's brush on Harry is both believable and hilarious. I don't blame her either.
5/6 c5 Massive HTTYD Fan
Getting MAJOR Thor and Loki vibes from Zeus and Hades, honestly. Well, except that Zeus is younger. Also, Mal calling Hades Hadie's dad actually hurts.

Past Harry/Mal is really interesting. He's definitely into Uma here though, right?
5/6 c1 Massive HTTYD Fan
Okay, Hadie's casual 'I know you don't like dad' actually really hurt. Kid shouldn't have to have a broken family.
5/3 c23 4TheGirlofManyFloods
Awesome story! I can't believe this is book 3. Why are there 6 books!
5/3 c21 TheGirlofManyFloods
When did Mal transform back?
5/3 c20 TheGirlofManyFloods
I've been waiting for this chapter. Love it!
4/30 c8 TheGirlofManyFloods
Lol! I love the ending!
3/22 c4 shortanamx
can't stop laughing
3/13 c6 weston123ethan
can anyone say why tinkerbell and her friends weren't in the movies as tinkerbell is mentioned to be a teacher but she doesn't appear
3/2 c19 17ScoutGinevera
I'm currently writing a story where, they read the book, similar to this. And I know exactly what you mean about stopping yourself writing a chapter. Any advice on writing said chapter?
12/25/2020 c23 JMH23
Amazing story! Thank you!
12/5/2020 c12 Hi
I ate curry for dinner lol
11/27/2020 c23 19Sorceress of Magic
Craziness (in a good way) I have to say I love this idea you had to show the movies with character commentary, it’s addicting to read. I’m so happy I can just keep going from story to story since I’m late to the party onto the next one!
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