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for 393:CLST and The Backstreet Project

9/16 c7 20The Legendary Dragon Reaper
Nice chapter, I look forward to seeing seeing where things go from here
9/15 c2 4sunsh1ne1023
It's really cool to see another side of the story, and kind of what's happening in the shadows when everyone is just competing thinking its just a regular competition! Keep up the good work!
9/15 c25 8Total Simaniac
Good chapter.
Also, holy cow, I completely forgotten about Static Shock. I didn't even know one of the Backstreet Boys showed up in that show.
9/14 c1 4sunsh1ne1023
9/14 c6 20The Legendary Dragon Reaper
Nice work, I look forward to seeing more
9/14 c2 13datia
I like how long your chapters are :)
9/12 c71 72narwhalpuppy
Very nice touch and a job well done!
9/12 c1 Alexandergreyson
Great start to the story! It’s amazing how much you know about the Backstreet Boys’ history with the comic thing.
9/11 c1 13datia
9/11 c24 8Total Simaniac
Good chapter.

I guess this might be a me thing, but chili cheese fries with the side of broccoli sounds like a gross combo. And I once ate syrup on Chicken Nuggets before(don't ask. I didn't have ketchup, so I said screw it). I know it's a side, but still.
9/10 c2 5RGGAM
Quite a good start to your amazing story it offers many wonders
9/10 c1 13Enchantix6789
An interesting start! You may have to fill me in on some stuff for me though. XD (E.g. what does CLST stand for? Is there a fanfiction set prior to this that I need to read first in order to understand this?).
9/10 c23 8Total Simaniac
Good chapter. Not much to say but, it's a good chapter.
Also Rainbow Monkey Live. Lol :)
9/8 c1 72narwhalpuppy
Very good read. I'll bookmark this!
9/7 c5 20The Legendary Dragon Reaper
Kind of short but still a good chapter, keep up the good work
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