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7/16 c17 Ascandas
Welp, you’ve certainly fucked up now Kyle. One does not simply out-Gendo Gendo Ikari at his own game, this man’s manipulation game is so strong that by the time you realize that he’s been playing you, you also realize that he’s been playing literally everybody else at the same time, hell he’s playing SEELE and even the freaking angels, some of the people of NERV may be good enough to play you like an instrument, but Gendo Ikari is doing a phenomenal job at conducting the entire fucking orchestra in comparison, and he now has his eyes on you and he’s NOT gonna keep you even even a single minute out of sight. What I can’t complain about however, is how he called out Misato on some of NERV’s bullshit, that was masterfully done.
7/13 c16 1Alex The Animator
Pretty cool twist.
7/12 c16 JraittM
Cool chapter, I wonder what Ritsuko will think if Kyle tells her.
7/11 c14 Ascandas
Kyle you jackass, you’re going to end up blowing off your arm with the metaphorical grenade you are playing with if you continue that kind of thought process.
7/11 c16 Ascandas
Oh man oh man oh man, what. a. PLOT TWIST. THAT, I was not expecting at all. That genuinely took me by surprise and by ADAM/LILITH it was a good one. Kyle stole his big sis’s lighter, shame on him. The lighter thing is yet another example of Kyle’s complete and utter dismissal and lack of respect for authority. Kyle’s curiosity is rearing it’s ugly head again, though by some ADAM/LILITH given luck it didn’t backfire this time, and it led to some shocking discoveries. To clear something up: it isn’t Kyle’s curiosity that bothers me about him, it’s his lack of ‘awareness’ (imagine italics). He KNOWS that something shifty is up, he SUSPECTS that his dad’s curiosity might have made some people want him to ‘go away’, but he doesn’t act like it, he acts like he has plot armor, like he is special and irreplaceable (LILITH damm it Kyle’s dad, you give shitty life advise Mr. truth hunter, “truth is the only good” my ass). Like ‘somehow’ nothing bad can happen to him. Dear ADAM in Gendo’s hand, if this gets found out by NERV, I’ll laugh in genuine joy at the sight of Gendo saying “this is your LAST WARNING, pull this shit again, and you and your cousin can say goodbye to our help” because maybe just maybe, that reality might bitch-slap him hard enough in the face that he might get a clue. Again, I love Kyle as your character, I dislike him as a person.
6/13 c1 Magos Solarion
Just came here to say that with this username you're legally obligated to leave this story at 40k word count
6/7 c12 Ascandas
Well, best girl Rami-Chan has made her debut. Hopefully Kyle’s previous hunting experience will serve him in firing world’s biggest sniper rifle. If the fight ends up like it did in cannon, with Rei in the burning entry plug, I can definitely see Kyle straight up giving her a hug and cry a little bit in joy rather than tell her to smile.
6/1 c11 Ascandas
Pretty sweet chapter you have here. That’s actually pretty clever (and wholesome) it IS through music people managed to channel and release emotions, imagine what would happen if Rei of all people got into that.
5/25 c10 K-316
This is a good story I like it. Please update soon.
5/25 c10 Guest
I like your story please keep up the great work!
5/22 c10 Ascandas
I really really REALLY liked this chapter, forest adventure, genre savviness (they split up but they did it in groups), Rei being Rei in an adorable way (Rei is love, Rei is life, but that’s just me), Touji is such a tsundere, character development, Kyle beginning to gently and slowly remove that stick up his ass, and overall just a rather sweet bonding chapter. NOW, in classic Evangelion fashion we must receive some form of tragedy to crush all our hope and positive feelings. I know this is inevitable, so I’ll do my best to brace myself for the inevitable kick to my heart’s d*ck.
5/17 c9 Ascandas
Hehehehe, Kyle is so unbelievably far out of his depth that he may as well be swimming right on top of the Mariana Trench and I love it, I really liked this chapter, and I did notice Ritsuko’s relatively blatant (if compared to the big leagues like Gendo and SEELE) manipulation, though I was slightly surprised that Kyle didn’t notice given his paranoia, however that might be explained by the fact that the whole Shinji situation is taking up a lot of his attention, though it seems like he’s slowly learning the lesson that he’s not playing in god-mode and can’t keep acting like he’s aiming for a Darwin Award, another thing I also like that you’re doing is having Kyle expose Rei to the wonders/horrors of social interaction. Anyways, I’m really liking this story and where it’s going, keep up the great work.
5/7 c7 Ascandas
I really liked this chapter, we now have even more insight into the protagonists nature, as a person I dislike him a lot and is someone who I would be butting heads with often maybe even to the point of violence if it ever went too far. As a character though I really like him, because 1: not a Mary Sue (always a plus), he is flawed like every other human being, he’s also a 14 year old child which are not known for their maturity and wisdom, overall he seems pretty fleshed out and consistent. As for my personal opinion and/or prediction on his characters flaws and where they will lead him, he seems to be overly inquisitive, to the point of irrationality, quick to anger and violent, yet strangely naive in some form, (due to his “honesty is the best policy” line at the end, I know he meant that as a joke, but it still shows that it’s part of his mindset and mentality) he also seems to be very self-righteous and slightly hypocritical, due to his bullheadedness in accepting that what he did against Toji was going too far (he may have ‘said’ that what he did was wrong but he didn’t ACCEPT it as such, shown by his “I will stand by what I did” line from his and Rei’s conversation) and his unprovoked lashing out at Hikari yet going off on a self righteous rant of how he was standing up for himself and Shinji, total BS, i could keep going on but I would be straying from the point. The point is: that in the world of Evangelion, his attitude and wild curiosity come back around to bite and rip off a chunk out of his ass the size of the GNR harder than than the ads kicking I got from Lady Maria at the Astral Clocktower (Bloodborne reference for her line about curiosity and how it leads to a shit-ton of pain and suffering), Kyle WILL learn the lesson of “there are questions better left unanswered” the hard way, his attitude land him in a situation where he will be forced to confront his flaws, including his self-righteousness and hypocrisy, and he will either have to acknowledge and accept that he has to change for the better, or pull a Shinji and run away from reality. Anyways, amazing job on this chapter and I can’t wait to read the next one.
5/5 c6 Ascandas
I really liked this chapter, it’s pretty awesome.
I like your depiction of Rei. From what you showed it has been true to her character and I have no complaints about it. Though I would like to make a suggestion for when you write her: Contrary to some belief Rei isn’t a truly a person with little to no emotions (at least at the beginning of the series). She is a person with little to no expression, she feels emotion with no problems, however, she has absolutely NO idea how to “express” those emotions, it’s the reason as to why her face is usually blank and why (I don’t remember if she said this line in the series but it’s true to her thoughts) she thinks Or says things like: “I don’t know how to act in this situation”, it’s because she is so unfamiliar with the concept and experience of emotion that she has a lot trouble understanding them when she feels them, explaining as to why she has such trunks expressing them. How could someone expect her to express emotions when she finds even understanding what she herself feels at a given time much less understand the emotions and thought processes of others? Heck it wasn’t until the battle with Armisael that Rei finally realized that she felt UNBELIEVABLY lonely. Anyways, I got out of track: the point is that Rei is usually confused by emotion and frustrated by her inability to understand them, something that interacting with Shinji helped mitigate in the series, so when writing Rei, you should keep in mind that whenever topics like how someone feels about a situation or someone’s reasoning for their actions, Rei would have trouble understanding and would most likely seek help from other pilots or at the most extreme maybe even Gendo. (Not that Gendo would help her in any way, shape or form.)
5/3 c5 Guest
Not really a cop out tbh. I'd rather you do what's more comfortable for you and make a good story than have issues and frustrations. With that said keep it up.
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