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for Thief

3/28 c12 6Daxxers
That was a really good story. looking forward to learn more of Drizzt's family.
3/28 c10 Daxxers
I am enjoying the short quick chapters. Except that I get to the end and it's "what? that's all?"

So, more please!
3/26 c5 Daxxers
OK, you have to change the rating from T to M.
3/24 c4 Daxxers
Wow, that was tense. Nice pacing. I want to know who "the voice from the back" is!

Amazing how doing the right thing can make enemies. More to come?
3/22 c2 Daxxers
The censors let 'Shu' go by?

Great family dynamics.
3/21 c1 Daxxers
Ooh, Zak is in deep doo-doo. And just wait until his mom hears about this!

I could feel Zak's anguish and fear. Triggered a few memories.
Now, a really good thief could put the ring back!

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