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for Shantae And The Dark Genie

3/27 c7 102Phantom Fan 21
Hmm, this isn't good, but something tells me that Marco might have a back plan just in case it does happen. But I'll wait for the next story. You're still going strong Tiger Of Darkness. Keep it up!
3/27 c7 Owyn Ross
Okay, Ruqayya's now resting in peace now that she's free from the dark genie magic and the pain and suffering it strained her with.
What Tabuu doesn't even know is that the copy of the book he has was a forgery, made by Arkness, to make him believe that 20% of his soul is split into 9 pieces, and that Marco hid the final 2% inside Slicor Koopa's Ultimate Star Cannon, therefore a fabrication of the original that's in Arkness' monastery.
3/26 c6 Owyn Ross
Looks like it's on. Guess the Squid Baron and Vivian should hurry to Scuttle Town fast before things get out of hand.
3/25 c5 Owyn Ross
And it might be time that the Squid Baron and his assigned partner to jump in just in case if Shantae and her friends are being overwhelmed.
3/24 c4 Owyn Ross
Boy, Shantae's not going to like this. Her uncle being charmed by her aunt's magic. And I think Kyrin's going to send the Squid Baron and another to Shantae and her friends.
3/23 c3 Owyn Ross
Never knew that Pokemon Hunter J has a Sharpedo, unless she caught one under Tabuu's orders. What, did Tabuu give J the same Dark Balls the Iron-Masked Marauder of Team Rocket used in "Pokemon Movie 4: Celebi - Voice of the Forest" to replace J's usual PokeBalls she has for her Pokemon Team.
3/22 c2 6GlowingGem
Kyrin: I'm good with kids.
Me: *Remembers when Kyrin blared an air horn in Tails' ear.* Suuuuure you are buddy... :/

Looks like mimic is going on a little treasure hunt for an evil lamp, but it's clear that Tabuu's followers already have a headstart on it.
3/22 c1 GlowingGem
Woopie! The tropical night is back! :D We missed ya little guy! Hope nothing bad happens to him in this story!

Oh... And the whole evil geine thing too... Yeah...
3/22 c2 Owyn Ross
Wow, Mimic is real vindictive about protecting his niece from the truth as well as from Ruqayya.
3/22 c1 Owyn Ross
Man, guess it's time Shantae's having questions about her mother. That, and Pokemon Hunter J isn't really thrilled with being on a pirate ship and hearing the Pirate Master's lingo.

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