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for The King's Gambit

7/28 c6 Guest
This is excellent give us more
7/21 c6 Cam's Era
Very nice
7/18 c6 2Wakong
very enjoyable reading as a whole and very well written. the musings become our own. well done. write more
7/18 c5 Wakong
and the loop loops itself. interesting you chose to mention that he loved Alison Young in a prior chapter, I prefer a reality where he doesn't know the girl
7/18 c4 Wakong
good rhythm good ideas
7/18 c3 Wakong
again, nicely done
7/18 c2 Wakong
very interesting musings I'm staying tuned
7/18 c1 Wakong
very nice. well done
3/28 c4 24olischulu
Not bad written but much to philosophical for my taste.
We are getting nowhere in this.

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