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for Vengeance Of A Human: Marley

9/9 c24 Guest
Hey, is the story abandoned ?
8/29 c24 Just a Nameless man
Actually, I thinks the story made a big mistake. Just one but it changes to much from the manga. Yes, keeping Sasha alive was a mistake, it could have been the perfect moment for Joshua to have a great development, how he reacted to that. Also, with Sasha surviving, how could we put her into the story anymore ? The manga was talking about how her death actually affects the characters. Conny has his breakdown because Sasha died, his mother is a titan, and that he loses so much people he cares about. I don’t know what do you want to do with Historia either, and i let you decide but, with the recents chapters, it clearly make problems in the story, except if you want to change that. But, back to Sasha, Joshua misses, like I said, the biggest opportunity to have an excellent development. I would see him interacting with all the others protagonist differently. In my case, I talk about Eren. Having a sequence when they talks after Sasha death and before her death would be awesome. You actually did that. I love the moment whe Joshua said that he’s not hateful now, because he sees a future with Sasha. And then, after that, It’s that he won’t get his good ending, and maybe turns into a antagonist, or not. Anyways, this is a great story besides this, and I’m looking for the next chapter ! Have a nice day.
8/24 c24 Rodan1920
Wait, I get Sasha, but why is Historia going with them? is she Not Pregnant?
8/24 c24 7Fenrir's Fang96
Excellent chapter, I like the development of Joshua, The truth is that I'm from the Eren team, but the truth is that I was worried that he would join the Jeagerists and become an antagonist.
8/22 c23 L39IT
I was really hoping that Joshua would decide to assist Eren since I feel like it would actually be in line with his beliefs and make his character more interesting. Maybe not on the scale of mass genocide but clearly revenge against Marley, especially considering his need for revenge against Reiner. Which he also got over pretty quickly for my tastes. Going from him barely holding himself back from slaughtering Reiner at Jeans behest and his tactical value (feeding him to someone else or getting information) to him sparing Reiners family members multiple times for no reason other than that he loved Sasha now and she had a positive influence on him. Idk, I feel there should still definitely be a lot more lingering resentment, he doesn’t really feel unique to me at this point, just Sasha’s love interest and a male Mikasa. He doesn’t majorly affect the series of events that are taking place and basically just walks around offering extra lines of dialogue.
8/21 c23 Guest
8/16 c1 Zasshu Fuhahahahaha
Would've been better if you actually did the full story
8/15 c22 Guest
I love the interaction between Hitch, Annie, Sasha, And Historia3. Keep up the good work :)
8/14 c22 Guest
Hange calling levi harmless is one of the best things I've ever seen
8/14 c21 Guest
Looking forward to seeing Joshua and sasha reunited
8/12 c21 jack
about time Sasha woke up.
8/12 c1 Guest
Is historia gonna join the battle too!?, I'm so excited for the next chapter!
8/8 c15 L39IT NIN9A
Kinda disappointed you let Sasha live. I’m a fan of darker stories so I was looking forward to a few paragraphs where Joshua is coping with the death of the love of his life. Furthermore, you’re hinting to the fact that Joshua got Historia pregnant, right? I wonder how that’s going to work with Sasha still being alive. In any case, there will be conflict when it comes to that specific revelation. Really liking the story so far, interested to see how you decide to end it.
8/5 c18 Guest
Would like to see Joshua start kicking some ass
8/3 c18 Just a Nameless man
Nice, I really like this chapter, hype for the next chapter. Keep the good works.
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