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8/29 c1 Prisma19
I loved this. Stephanie is very busy balancing her superhero life and her school life and it’s difficult to do especially when your in Med school which is not easy. I relate to Stephanie because I am busy starting my sophomore year in college and doing a part time a job in after school care. I am not as busy as most people in college, but I relate so much to staying up late at night to get assignments and essays done. You did a wonderful job writing this and I appreciate all the work that went into writing Steph’s schedule, it was a nice touch to the story. If you want to, it would be nice if you could write this in a series and write some stories about Bruce and Steph. We don’t get enough of Bruce and Steph in the comics and Steph with the Batfamily. Thanks so much for writing this.
4/19 c1 14Thisisfunwhattooksolong

I like it. You did a fine job of showing Stephanie's work(over)load - you actually made the timetables worth reading in large part because you could get a feel for Stephanie from the annotations on them that post people who include them don't bother with - and I liked her various teachers. I caught her Batgirl book's writer and pencillers and of course Poison Ivy and Harley. I suspect the others were puns too but my mind has blanked on exactly what.

I was going to say that only in Gotham could those two get a job with lab access but then I realised that Bludhaven and Hub City were corrupt enough too, maybe even Dakota City. I liked how Stephanie was all planning to deal with it when it was just Ivy, then Harley joined in and she was all 'Not worth it'.

I see Stephanie skipped taking Elementary Arabic. Um, is there a canon reason for that? As I recall she didn't even meet Damian until after starting at Gotham University so I'm not sure why she'd know any. (No word on the other languages she knows either - if she's That good at them would it not make more sense to get her language credits by testing out of those?)

But then I suppose with how spotty her overall education was up to that point I'm not sure how she even got into Gotham University in the first place (but I'd suspect Tim gave them a very large bri- sorry, 'donation', if not for how bad the Tim/Steph stuff that immediately preceded it was). I mean, with getting generally maltreated by Cluemaster (a poor excuse for both a villain and a father - Black Canary one-shotting him and Riddler made Fugitive worthwhile) giving her a somewhat poor learning environment for the first several years of her life, Cataclysm messing with schooling a bit and the whole War Crimes and being dead thing it's a wonder she was ever able to study.

And yet despite that I really like her Batgirl run.

I have to laugh at one point though - Bruce is the second-last person on the planet who should get to complain about other people overworking themselves (behind Tim).

Nell Little as a member of Batman Inc. surprises me but it's not beyond her character to try. There's probably an interesting story to be told about the early stages of that partnership. After her old 'sidekick' was killed though I'm not sure Stephanie would be in such a hurry to take a kid with her, but she'd also remember how little notice she ever took when Bruce and Tim and Cass tried to ditch her so she'd have to take her anyway. Anyway, I wonder what Nell's heroic life and identity is like? What colour costume, what symbols, what name even? And I'm glad (for Nell's sake) that Cass is taking over her training - I'm not sure who's the better teacher but Cass is a far better fighter with a near-instinctive understanding of martial arts, Steph cannot teach what she doesn't know, and Nell's smaller body favours a different style of fighting.

Also, any canon thing about Stephanie being a pre-med student? The only class I remember her taking was philosophy which doesn't really lend itself to medicine.

And we get to the team Stephanie joins in this story. I don't know if it was supposed to be that non-starter that was pencilled in as a possibility for following those Kara team-up books or the 'girl squad' Stephanie calls to help her in Blackgate (I have to hope for the latter because frankly by that time Courtney/Stargirl needed to spend more time with heroes and/or heroines that were around her own age without the JSA founders keeping an eye on her but that doesn't relate to Stephanie so doesn't really matter here) but anyway I liked the idea of her being on a team, and then finding she doesn't really have enough time. Kara's life tends to be hectic in bursts with long times of as she'd put it considerable boredom in between while Stephanie's usually short on time.

Oh, and I liked Cass dragging her for coffee. Them being them and Gotham being Gotham though it's a surprise the shop wasn't robbed while they were there.

And of course introducing Damian to Agatha Christie. I would be very interested in knowing his reaction to The Four Suspects, what with its theme being that innocence is more important than guilt - there's no way they'll ever be able to prove guilt but that's OK because at least they proved and could show the innocence of the other three suspects (thus keeping them from a life of unwarranted mistrust), I think Damian will find that a hard concept to digest.

So overall as much as I liked it it's left me wanting more. Yet that's coming from the brevity that's an inevitable side-effect of the style you've chosen and it's unfair to hold 'writing the story you set out to write' against you.

I think 9/10 here.

3/26 c1 APercival
A fun and sweet 'fic and a wonderful read. Steph overloading herself and Bruce and Babs staging an intervention, of sorts. This story fits in to the "Bats care about each other" theme that I, particularly, enjoy.

Added it to mu huge favorites list.


3/24 c1 JasonTKD
If anyone knows how bad being burned out can get, it's Bruce.

Being physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted led to Bane easily snapping his spine like a twig, back in the 90s.
3/24 c1 40Black' Victor Cachat
Spelling it out like this, really drives home what teenage heroes have to endure!

LOL planning eventually to deal with Ivy, and yeah she has Harley as her TA too which is cute!
3/23 c1 12Falconress
I loved it! This is exactly what I was wondering, how do they deal with it?

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