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11/23/2020 c30 Liune
Wow, it’s a really great Kiri based story, while it’s not one painted in bloody despair and tragedy, as Obito controls Yagura, it’s rather light-hearted and fun to see what changes happened in this timeline. Also I really love wiggly Suigetsu, he is now officially a slime, Kimimaro will have issues having being locked away from society and Haku... is a cute, gentle, but stubborn kid for following Zabuza.
It will be fun to see their interaction and adventures with Tsuru with a Kiri different from canon~
11/16/2020 c30 firemaster101
Was this a double post ?
11/16/2020 c29 firemaster101
I'm surpised he was in a cage...
11/16/2020 c27 firemaster101
Awe I kind of wanted to see what orochi would do .
11/16/2020 c26 firemaster101
Ooooh that is a intresting ability
11/16/2020 c24 firemaster101
The bonds formed after this will def make the village strongwr
11/16/2020 c23 firemaster101
11/16/2020 c20 firemaster101
Now this is a intresting portrayl of one of the most vicious seven swordsman.
11/16/2020 c18 firemaster101
This almost seems the most innocent chapter yet.
11/16/2020 c16 firemaster101
Huh so more poeple than just her family know of her last life.
11/16/2020 c14 firemaster101
Awe their bonding
11/16/2020 c13 firemaster101
I wonder if the longer she's alive the less she remember of naruto
11/16/2020 c11 firemaster101
I wonder which of the seven has a higher likely hood of hurting her.
11/16/2020 c8 firemaster101
It seems this chapter for me was kind of hard to follow was talk to who .
11/16/2020 c7 firemaster101
I wonder what object she was going to throw ? Also was the protagonist the one to do the c section ?
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