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6/28 c1 31BornAsTheSeventhMonthDies
hey buddy hey pal are you going to... possibly, like, continue this
please do
5/1 c1 Denz-El
Headcanon accepted! :D I just got into Starkid last week, binge watching the "Very Potter" Trilogy, "Holy Musical B tman!", "Twisted", and capped it off with "TGWDLM"! It's my favorite production overall (so far), since it's something that I can show others without requiring them to have extensive knowledge of fandoms I like. I love this continuation! My own theory is that Paul and Emma's dislike of musicals somehow make them more immune to the blue shit and spores compared to most people. (Keep in mind that Emma actually handled that stuff and she was unaffected, whereas Paul was only (maybe just slightly) infected due to his close proximity to the source). I even think that, after realizing that destroying the meteor (basically the hive's car) did nothing to stop the Hive, he allowed it to invade him, but his extreme reluctance towards musicals somehow allowed him to trap the central intelligence in a battle of wills in his own mindscape; sort of how Doctor Strange managed to trap himself and Dormammu in a time loop. Sometimes Paul is in control, sometimes the Hive, most of the time his body is just singing and dancing along while the two minds struggle with each other.

GOD Bless, Keep Up the Good Work, and Keep Moving Forward! :D Amen! :D
4/26 c1 Guest
Hey. Good fic.

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