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6/14/2020 c10 Freezeyourbrain
This is hilarious, but still I can't wait for the next real chapter because I want to see squip get defeated once and for all.
6/14/2020 c10 DaHeck R U
This chapter was hilarious I love it, the part with squip singing in the mirror was my favorite part.
6/14/2020 c10 HeatherChanler89
This "behind the scenes" chapter was funny, I liked the part where the Squip was looking in the mirror and calling himself handsome and singing to himself that was hilarious.
Oh, I hope you've been getting plenty of rest, I would hate for you to be tired, and if you are still tired and feel like you can't update your other BMC fic I will understand but you might want to put a little author's note on there explaining you tired and won't be updating today, so that way your other readers aren't confused as to why you didn't update today.
Anyway, I will see later today, and please take care of yourself and get plenty of rest. Bye.
5/31/2020 c9 HeatherChanler89
Oh, can't wait to see what the plan is. And also good for Molly auditioning for the play. Now you get plenty of rest and I will see you in the voltage fic.
5/31/2020 c9 DaHeck R U
Oh, this is great, short but also amazing. Molly is going to audition for the play, good. Though I feel like that she's not just doing it to take Francine's place I think she's also doing it because she has a crush on JJ. And I can't wait to see what Jeremy, Jessie and Toby's plan is to defeat The Squip. I'm sure you will tell us in the next chapter. Anyway this chapter was fun. Also sorry for annoying you and if the scenes I keep on giving you are annoying you as well you can tell me, and I'll stop, but if that'll be the case I would like to give you one more scene for my fic in this review...
This scene is Michael and his friends and family still in the hospital.
Michael is in a lot of pain. The Doctors did give him pain killers but all it did was dull the pain the pain, so the pain isn't as bad as it was before but he was still in a lot of pain. Michael was by himself right now, the doctors and nurses would occasionally check on him and even give him food, other than that Michael was just by himself going in and out of consciousness resting on his hospital bed. When the door opened he looked to see his Mothers and friends had come for their daily visit too see him in the hospital. It took all his strength to just smile at them. Their visits are the only relieve he has from the pain. Their visits meant they cared for him and that was enough to make him feel like everything will be alright. He's still smiling as he slips back to unconsciousness.
This scene is just a part of the chapter where Michael is still in the hospital, and the chapter is in his point of view as he begins his physical healing.
Anyway get plenty of rest and I will see you in two weeks.
5/30/2020 c9 Freezeyourbrain
Hey, a nice chapter. I can't wait to see what the plan is. Also I am a little confused is it Molly or Jessie signing up for the play? But I still like it though. And I am sorry for stressing you out, for now on I won't bug you with the reviews to tell you to hurry up with updates, I Promise. And the get plenty of rest. Also if can, can you please make the next chapter of Voltage longer with Jeremy learning about his powers and using them to stop a robbery? If you can't, because your still tired, I understand. For now you just rest up. And to help you with rest, try to put on some nice quiet relaxing music it helps me sleep when I trouble sleeping.
Anyway I'll see you tomorrow. Bye.
5/17/2020 c8 Freezeyourbrain
Sorry I was typing so fast that I accidentally pushed the send button and it ended up sending the review before I could finish it so here is the scene continued...
Like I said, Rich wasn't at surprised that there was someone strapped to the operation table, that is until he realized who it was, it was that kid in his school always wearing his headphones, he was unconscious, what is he doing here Rich thought, that is when he realized, "oh no", he thought, this kid was always by Heere's side, was squip going to kill him just like he did Christine, "In order to defeat your enemy you must first find his weakness", Rich remember the squip said that day, since then he started to realize how crazy squip really was he wanted out but when he tried to quit the squip stopped him, than threatened that if he quit now then squip would hunt his family down and kill them, and that is why he had to stay here, it was the only way to keep his family safe. The Squip enters the lab, SQUIP:) Rich, hook the subject to the electrocution device (by subject he means Michael). Rich obeyed but couldn't help this bad feeling that was inside him. A few minutes later Michael begins to wake up, MICHAEL:) Wha, where am I? SQUIP:) Hello Michael. Michael gave an squip a glare, then he noticed that he was hooked up to some kind of device, it didn't take long for him to realize what was going on, MICHAEL:) So, your going to torture me, (he said more angry than scared), what for, information, well forget it, I am not saying anything. SQUIP:) Oh, Michael I don't want information, I'm going to use you to destroy Voltage once and for all. This caused Michael's eyes widen for a second but soon went back to the stubborn glare he gave The Squip. MICHAEL:) You know, he'll come for me, and then he'll kick your ass. The Squip laughs at that, SQUIP:) Oh, Michael do you really think he's going to rescue you after that big fight you had? Was he really even your friend? He did take you for granted, when you helped him out with crime fighting, you even helped him with his emotional struggle, but when you needed support after finding out what happened to your father, he wasn't there for you. So now, I ask you again, is Jeremy truly your friend? Michael had tears welling up in his eyes but he refused to cry, instead he didn't answer Squip's questions, and just gave him that glare. The Squip laughs at Micheal's stubbornness, SQUIP:) Very well, then. Rich turn on the the device. Rich looked sadly at Micheal but he reluctantly obeyed and turned on the device. Electricity was coursing through the wires hooking Michael to the device, and being strapped to a metal table was not going to help, the electricity going through Micheal was painful, he screamed in pain. Rich couldn't do this anymore, Squip had to be stopping, he turned of the device, SQUIP:) I didn't tell you to turn it off. RICH:) This has gone to far. I won't let this happen, you're a mad man I should of stopped working for you long ago, I' stopping this right now. The Squip laughs, SQUIP:) You think you can stop me? Please, are you forgetting I was the one who gave you your powers? I am more powerful than you. And if you fight me, your family will suffer. Rich out of anger just launched at Squip ready to punch him in the face, but the squip just used his telepathy and that caused Rich to stop in midair, SQUIP:) I would kill you now, but I have more important things to do, but if I was you I would get my family and pack my bags because, when this is all over I will kill you and everyone you love. With that the Squip threw Rich far out the window. When he finally landed Rich knew exactly what to do, he had too find Voltage there is a lot at stake, his family, the city, and Michael are in big trouble, with that Rich set off to find Voltage. Back in the lab...
The Squip looked at Michael, he has panting, clearly he was still in pain from the electric shock, despite that though Michael still had that stubborn glare in his eyes, the squip smiled, he will break Micheal. Squip turned the device back on, Michael screams in pain once more. The torture goes on for two weeks, screaming a lot made Michael's throat worn out, it hurt, soon those screams became sobs and even begging. MICHAEL:)(voice weak due to all the pain) P-P-P-Please let me go. It was clear to Squip Michael was beginning to break, instead of that glare, Michael had a look of tiredness and pain in his eyes, but the squip wasn't done just yet. While torturing Michael The Squip would say things like, "Where's your "friend" now", or "Jeremy doesn't care about you Michael,if he did he would be here by now". This with the shocks made Michael doubt Jeremy but a part of him still tried to believe and fight Squip it was just now buried deep inside his brain. One day the squip came in with a glass of water, Micheal hadn't had any water in days his throat so sore, to his surprise the squip gave the water to Michael (he was still strapped to the table with squip holding the glass while letting Michael drink it, after that Michael began to cry and whimper again, the squip pets Michael's hair (just like a parent would do to soothe their little child if he/she was sick or to comfort them after the have a bad dream) SQUIP:) Sh-Shhh-sh, don't worry this will all be over soon. The Squip smiles as he turns the device back on. The Shocks caused Michael to pass out. When he woke up The Squip aks Michael a few questions, Michael answers each one without hesitation, then the squip tells Michael to do a few things (like grab this grab that, and other simple tasks), and again Michael does them without hesitation. The Squip smiles as he knew he broke Michael, his will, his spirit, his stubbornness, all gone. After that Michael was strapped back to the operation table but this time he was getting nano tech implanted and getting powers simular to Squip's, however there's still that little part of Micheal trying take back control, and fight the squip...
Okay that was more of a chapter then a scene so maybe it should be a chapter. Anyway I hope you like it and please don't forget to update Voltage today.
5/17/2020 c8 Freezeyourbrain
Hey, I'm just here to remind you that on May 11 you said you would update the story voltage after your sister's birthday, which was in 5 days, so since your sister's birthday is over you can update Voltage today, I just wanted to remind you in case you forgot about it, that is all.
Also while I am here I would like to do a scene for my fanfiction (since I saw that DaHeck R U is doing it) so this scene is after the fight Jeremy and Michael and then the squip kidnaps and hypnotize/brainwash Michael (the squip does the same thing kind of method the joker used on Tim Drake aka Robin in the movie Batman Beyond: Return Of The Joker were the squip will torture Michael physically and mentally, physically Michael is electrocuted mentally the squip makes Michael doubt Jeremy as a hero and a friend), also Rich is in this scene, and now here is the scene...
Rich wasn't at all surprised that when he arrived at Squip's lab that there was a person strapped to the operation table that means one of two things either this guy has here because, this guy is going to nano tech implanted in him to get powers and become one of squip's henchmen (like he did) or this guy has something the squip wants and that guy refused to give in so he's getting tortured, Rich shutters thinking about that, still the wasn't surprised that is until he saw who it was, it was that kid he sees in his school, always wearing headphones, what was be doing here? That is when he remembered "oh no" he thinks
5/12/2020 c8 HeatherChanler89
Hey, sorry I haven't reviewed in a while but I had to catch up on school work plus I also have a job so I was busy but I have more time now because my school is out for the summer, yay! Anyway I like this story and I think the squip is a jerk, and I love Molly. The behind the scenes stuff in chapter 8 was great, it made me laugh. Also I have one question when will you do the Heathers BMC au I requested?
5/12/2020 c8 DaHeck R U
Okay, nice to know, see you in 5 days, and happy birthday to your sister, oh and the behind the scenes thing in this chapter was great. Also while I am here I would like to say one thing about my story request, in my story request, the squip is more sadistic and enjoys torturing Michael, the squip loves seeing Michael cowering and shaking in fear every time he enters the room or picks up a new torture tool. But one night the squip got tired of hearing Michael's whimpering and crying and snaps at Michael yelling "STOP YOUR WHIMPERING, YOU ARE PATHETIC"! Then for the rest of the night the squip puts a cloth in Micheal's mouth and gag him to stop the whimpering the cloth in Micheal's mouth hurt and made him uncomfortable on top of the torturing. Anyway I would like to know what "Michael" and "Squip" think of the scenes and information I given for my story when you post chapter 2 of voltage, and what does "squip" think about being a sadistic villian? Anyway see you in 5 days, bye.
5/12/2020 c8 Freezeyourbrain
You broke the coffee maker, ohhhhhh, you're in trouble. Anyway that behind the scenes stuff was kinda funny. And thanks for letting us know when you will next update, see you in 5 days, bye.
5/11/2020 c3 ivy
Where did the knife come from?
5/11/2020 c8 Soilightaus16-17
Oof lol
5/1/2020 c7 1HayamiHinata
Molly is awesome, also that version of Somebody Gets Hurt Reprise was awesome
4/30/2020 c7 DaHeck R U
Okay, I have a few more scenes for my fic, I know I have been giving you a lot of them, but I think you are an amazing writer and can do these scenes perfectly, and plus it'll make you writing this story easier for you because I do understand you have lots of other fics too write as well. So here is the information about the scenes, the first scene, while Jeremy, Michael and the other members of the squip Squad (that would be Rich, Jake, Christine, Chloe, Brooke, and Jenna) go to a party and then with things being too crowded, too loud, and Michael getting a few stares he begins having a panic attack and hides in the bathroom but this time he's not alone and Jeremy tries to help him through the attack. The next scene has Michael's mothers comfort Michael after he has a nightmare, and the last one is a fluffy scene where Jeremy and Mr. Heere, Michael and his mothers, and the squip Squad have a picnic at the park to celebrate 4th of July and then have another reason to celebrate when Michael speaks for the first time in a long time.
Scene 1): Here Michael was in the bathroom having another panic attack, god, I'm pathetic he thinks to himself, he was pulling at his hair, hyperventilating, why is everything so loud, this caused Michael to pull his hair harder things are getting louder and louder and this causes him to shake, his heart pounding in his ears, he should of never have come to this party, because of course when the popular kids were invited then of course almost everyone else from school would be too (Michael was probably only invited due to pity anyway), and of course things would be crowded by his fellow peers, and of course everyone would be staring at him that mixed with the loud music just overwhelmed him, he panicked, hide I need to hide, he thought, and now here he is hiding in the bathroom, and he thought it would quiet down the music but it only seemed to get louder and louder, then the bathroom door opens, and Jeremy enters in, (Jeremy): Michael, are you ok? Michael just kept shaking and pulling at his hair,it was quite clear to Jeremy his best friend was having a panic attack, Jeremy kneeled down next to Michael and gently puts his hand on Michael's shoulder, careful not to touch any of Michael's scares (it would just make him worse), (Jeremy): Michael, it's alright, please don't pull your hair, Michael stopped but he was still hyperventilating and still looked panicked, (Jeremy): Michael, I want you to take deep breaths with me okay. Michael nodded his head. They both kept taking deep breaths, breath in, breath out, repeat, until Michael was calmed down. Jeremy got back up and held his hand too help Michael up. (Jeremy): Come on Michael lets go home. With that both Jeremy and Michael went to Jeremy's car and drove back home.
Scene 2): Michael was asleep in his new room (his room was moved from the basement to a room close to his mothers room so they would be closer to him if he has a nightmare or night terror that could potentially cause him get harmed and stop it) Ina and Annie were in the living room watching an episode of one of their favorite soup operas when they heard whimpering from their son's room they immediately went to check on him, he was having a nightmare, they gently shook him awake, when he woke up he was crying, Ina and Annie started hugging him, Ina started singing a Felopeno lalaby and gently rocked him back and forth while he was hugging her (just like what she used to do when he was little and had a nightmare) Annie started to rub Michael's back gently those things mixed together calmed him down and he fell back to sleep Ina and Annie layed him back down on his bed and tucked him in his warm blanket. They looked at each other with sad faces they hate seeing him so scared, then quietly exited the room.
Scene 3): It was a beautiful day at the park, Mr. Heere was grilling hamburgers, hotdogs, sousages, and steaks, Christine and Jeremy were reciting Shakespeare, Chloe and Brooke were doing each other's nails, Jenna was taking selfies on her phone, Rich and Jake were playing a game of one on one basketball at the small b-ball court next to the picnic tables, and Michael was playing fetch with Inky (Inky wasn't wearing his work vest today and was just a regular dog today) Michael's mothers were nearby watching Michael and Inky playing fetch, it was indeed a beautiful day, but a merical happened when everyone heard Michael laugh, everyone stopped right where they are, Michael was actually laughing and you could hear it, then everyone got excited when Michael pet Inky and said "good boy" it was quite but still they heard him speak, everyone smiles this was great Michael spoke after so long he finally spoke, sure it was quiet but still it was a good sign, soon they all started eating, smiling they realized that Michael probably didn't even noticed he even spoke at all, but everyone was celebrating this wonderful merical. And that was just the beginning, sure Michael stop had some healing to do but the fact that he spoke was great it meant that Michael was pushing through his barriers and was starting to get better, that was enough to make everyone there celebrate.
So those are the scenes and I hope you enjoyed them especially the fluffy one.
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