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6/14 c1 5pyromancer88
this was really well written nice job.
5/23 c1 10Yuoaj009
Nice to see Natsu’s perspective for a change. I love how they just complement each other.
5/17 c1 AGreen2222
Excellent! Loved it!
4/20 c1 jayjayare
wow, this was really well written. thanks for sharing
4/17 c1 2savwafair
ended really abruptly and at a weird point and just. I guess I would have ended it differently, that's all. but I like the rest of it! thanks for sharing with us!
3/26 c1 122Dark Shining Light
I loved everything about this! This was wonderful! It was a great new way to see Natsu and how he views his relationship with Lucy. Good work!
3/23 c1 Guest
This was really cute
3/24 c1 80Jedi Jelsa777
So sweet, loved it!
3/24 c1 3Slide In The DM
I'm not sure where to start...this is beautiful man. The narrative especially; the way you characterised Natsu and portrayed his relationship with Lucy. It was just sweet to read. The closure that comes with the last sentence. Just a satisfying, sweet piece to read. Made my morning, thank you.

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