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7/4 c4 31zcross1997
Things are getting VERY interesting now, can’t wait.
7/4 c4 7NatalieO01
Omg, the scene where they meet their future kids (but don't know about it) is amazing! And I can't wait for them to see their past memories! I can't wait for the next update! And sorry I haven't reviewed sooner, work has been kicking my ass lol.
5/23 c3 31zcross1997
My God this is funny! Shading their parents, and their terrible lies. I hope they realize who they truly are soon. Can’t wait for the next update.
5/23 c3 226storyteller362
I like this so far! You’re making me want to finish my time travel fic now.
5/23 c2 6Couchpotato 88
Dystopian future. This should be fun. I’m also guessing it might be a while before the future people reveal who they truly are. Or maybe they won’t at all.
3/24 c1 Couchpotato 88
I think it was pretty good. I look forward to what they find in their futures and time travel tics might be a little overdone, but I honestly like seeing different what ifs from different authors.
3/24 c1 226storyteller362
This is great so far and really enjoy it!
3/24 c1 7NatalieO01
I have missed your writing so much! I love this story already (time travel is also a favourite of mine), and I can't wait to read about your versions of their kids! Also, I absolutely adore your new username!
3/24 c1 31zcross1997
I love this opening, a brilliant set up to what’s to come. Based on what happens, I’d love to Nigel and Rachel’s relationship go beyond friend zone. I know what that’s like, it sucks. Please update soon.

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