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1/16 c33 Guest
went shit
1/17 c10 Xenon1019
Why did Sasuke sacrifice himself to save a stranger? He had absolutely no reason to save Asia using at the cost of his own life
1/16 c33 black luster
I hope you're doing well and I hope you did not stop writing because this is one of the best stories I had read and I hope to see more of it soon keep the good work up I had reread all the chapters 3 times and I can't wait to for the next one to come up. don't forget you have a fan now and you can do no wrong in my eyes when it comes to this story
1/14 c1 Cold Sauce
Write Itachi
Call him Sasuke

Really? lmao
1/11 c33 Guest
Has sasuke never heard the saying ‘don’t make a deal with the devil’ i really think the king of hell made him immune to the binding cause sasuke’s not stupid and he wouldn’t do that
1/12 c33 Kaliedo
... what?
1/11 c33 1hiareportsyou
Yeah, end of this chapter is stupid and purely for plot completely OOC for both Sasuke and Rizevim. After their dick measuring competition Rizevim would NEVER ask for something like that, and Sasuke would NEVER accept. Why? He can just kill him. Oh, and he knows very fucking well what giving open ended NEED TO DO favors to psychopathic monsters can cause. Such a favour within his power. Kill all humans. Destroy hell. Erase heaven. Kill the four Satans. Those are all technically within his power. He may fail, but those ARE within his power.

Although admittedly the Rinnegan has Soul Manipulation so the binding shouldnt affect him at all, but y'know I doubt that's where this is going.
1/11 c33 Dasgun
. .
1/10 c33 Fanfictions4ever
so i a free soul contract? why would sasuke even do it first an foremost his life is usually more important than most even if he lived once an so far he has been careful here, the only thing i can imagine here is that maybe he plans on Killing Vali grandfather to null the soul oath cant really change that in if you dead yeah?
1/10 c33 JustDusty
Is this Sacred gear cancelling technique real in canon? It's seems way too op to exist.
1/10 c33 dimortum
the end of the chapter is wrong, Sasuke is not stupid and
Rizevim even less, moreover,
Rizevim is very attached to life, Sasuke could well have refused and asked for another price, after all, if Rizevim had killed Vali, he would have been challenged and lost against sasuke, even more, Rizevim himself knew it when they both measured the each other.
1/10 c33 8Cryocene
Good work. The chapter went pretty much like I expected it to unfold the moment I read Rizevim's name in the previous chapter, ahaha.

Though I am rather surprised Sasuke chooses to accept that soul-oath. There aren't many ways around that, but I am sure you can surprise me.

On that note, I am curious now, did you read my previous review? I notice this chapter emphasizes a detail I brought up beforethat only Rizevim, Sirzechs and Ajuka count as Super devils.

I thought that meant you did read my previous review, but it seems you just found the detail on your own on the wikibecause I found chapter 22 is still unchanged. It might be annoying for you, but I will ask again for you to fix the small detail on that chapter, precisely because it's minor.

With that said, keep up the good work!
1/10 c33 Petrox
I hope Sasuke has a loophole there. Can the king of hell rewrite the arrangement? a favour is so open that that the life of vali is not enough payment. As the favor could be like killing Vali, killing a friend, do nothing while he kill half the planet, help him release Trihexa. It is a stupid arrangement and i think Sasuke can do a Rinne tensei on Vali without much drawback if he so wishes.
I hope sasuke genjutsu him to ask for returning the weapon to Rizevim when he ask for a favor.
1/10 c33 1kano547
I kind of think that Sasuke bending over for Beez to peg him is kind of ridiculous, I mean at this point things turned out a little too well for Beez, now the Wild Card that Sasuke was has a leash around his neck and it's completely Beez's fault. If Sasuke doesn't suspect Beez of being complicit in this whole thing than he's an idiot, because you're either writing Beez as a member of the Old Satan faction in secret, or he's just so stupid that the idea of him being able to wipe his own ass is laughable, let alone create the Evil Pieces. Kind of made yourself a corner with that character now, because there's no way anybody would trust him after that fuck-up.
1/10 c33 M2R
that's putting Sasuke in bad situation unless he has a loophole that can be found regarding the oath. the devils are pathetic to be honest with how easily rizevim walks in, even Ajuka can't do anything, showing of how useless a satan is

in dxd, if your strength comes from a sacred gear and once it is gone, you are weak as hell. I mean, this chapter showed just how pathetic Vali is without his longinus.
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