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12/11/2020 c1 antoniamautempo
Hi because I don't know so asking how is this different from the actual 10th Hunger Games? And none of the charcters mentioned here like Six, or tabitha Grant, or Sterling Esther are actually there in the Hunger Games right?
7/22/2020 c23 4Cosmic Corsair
Sophia what in the fuck! holy fucking hell, this was a fantastic finale! I've been so bad with reviews lately, so much slacking off and playing too many games in my dark cave, but after reading through this final chapter I knew i had to get on and quickly type something together for you because you deserve it for this amazing conclusion and epic story.

This fight scene omg, all of your fight scenes have been so good, nothing will top the Tamira/Voitsekh clash but this final 3 was so, so good. I like how you did it, taking Cedric out of the picture and distracting us with Tamira choking out Aston and then having him sneak up on her for the epic save. Fucking Cedric was such a badass character, it was so hard to distinguish before but seriously, he wasn't just a cowardly snake, he evolved into such a frightening character. I keep forgetting how young he was but man, what a legend, if you told me CEDRIC would kill Tamira 10 chapters ago i wouldn't have believed it.

First my thoughts on the final 3;

I was really bummed when Tamira died honestly, I had really grown so fond of her as a character after the Bronte arc ended and it seemed to me like she was starting to feel like the harsh realities of everything she'd done was catching up to her and turning her into a more remorseful person? i'm not sure she was ever going to change, honestly the way you wrote Tamira was such an accurate portrayal of a sociopath that by definition I don't think 'normal' development was ever going to be possible for her. But it would have been really interesting to see how she would have reacted to seeing all her kills on screen and maybe it would have affected her and made her change her ways. Idk, it was such a fascinating idea to me to see a villain win, and maybe eventually we'll see that in another story hopefully because it seems like it would be an interesting angle to play with.

As i said previously, I don't necessarily think Tamira was 'evil', she was really just playing the Game in a certain type of way that many mistook for pure callousness when it was just Tamira trying to be entertaining and spice things up. And I loved that layer to her character - she wasn't just some evil, vengeful girl taking her frustrations out on innocent people, she was just playing the Game her own unique way and people couldn't differentiate between who the real Tamira was and who the fake one was. Mmm what a badass bitch she was. I want to see a whole story just about Tamira, walking around, bullying and laughing at people. this is what the world needs right now. RIP to this legend.

And now for Cedric, I didn't know who'd take it here between Aston and Cedric since they were so similar? But without a doubt, Cedric was the braver of the two, the smarter of the two as well, and the more willing to survive of the two. He played the Game like a mad scientist, calculating and manipulating the field as if it were some scientific equation. I loved the idea of corrupt medic, he just fit in so well with your universe. Really ingenious character backstory. I do think Cedric had a lot more agency in the later half of this story than Aston. As Aston retreated into a nervous, cowardly shell, Cedric flourished. and look where it took him, landing in the final 3 and stabbing TAMIRA of all people.

Surprisingly, Aston survived the poisoning and outlasted Cedric, which funnily enough i'd attribute more to dumb luck and guile than willpower or determination. Aston's mentor is the MVP of this story, because that dude literally earned Aston the victory and probably saved the Games from ending in complete disaster — if Aston wouldn't have taken that antidote, all 3 finalists would be dead and there wouldn't even be a victor lmao.

wow...Aston aka Meowth as the victor. Wow, my brain can't find the words to say right now LMAO, i'm literally the last person who deserved a victor out of everyone but i could tell you really enjoyed writing him to take him this far, like I said when you introduced him in training, I was blown away by how accurately you found his voice and everything, it was as if you understood everything about him from the get-go. i've always been a fan of the rogue-ish, shifty characters and figured you'd have fun writing him and then kill him off at some point, but you really strapped a rocket to him and made him soar without any doubts so for that I genuinely appreciate it and have enjoyed the journey you've taken him on and the development you've given him. He went from a shifty little punk from the streets and you stripped him bare to give him those vulnerabilities and self-doubts.

Maybe Aston wasn't as active in the final stretch of the story as say Cedric and Tamira who were huge antagonists and were very aggressive in their manner of playing the Game, which makes his victory seem a little undeserved and ironic in retrospect. But I think Aston's struggles and hardships were more psychological than physical. Aston went from the leader to a follower while Cedric quietly eased that position from his hands and asserted himself as their cunning snake leader. i really enjoyed their little power struggle between the two snakes, but I think Cedric wins that title just because of how crafty and cunning he was. It's weird, without the special pill in Aston's pocket, i'm not sure who would have won, it seemed like it would have been a stalemate tbh, whoever succumbed from the poison first. now the title of this story really starts to make sense with this victor!

looking forward to the epilogue, revisiting Aston and his hooligans, i am curious what you'll do with him after this. guessing he's going to become a mob boss or something because his street cred will shoot through the roof after victory. i can't see him living alone in a big ass mansion, he's going to move in all his friends i bet.

I'm hard to reach these days, i'm not the most chatty of people outside this website, but i genuinely appreciate all you guys have done in this resurgence, it's made this quarantine way more fun. Thank you so much Sophia, you've developed so much as a writer in the just the past 2 months, the difference between the prologue and this finale is just amazing. It's hard to stay motivated these days but man, you pushed through this easily, you're as talented as they come. this is one of the most fun experiences i've ever had reading a story. Seriously, publish something one day, anything! dude I'll read the hell out of it!

onward to war!
7/21/2020 c23 14Chaos In Her Wake
they both fucking poisoned each others' water... of course. the final two, babey! those slimy little boys! Nate, you're really racking up victors with this FFN renaissance, aren't you? speaks to the complexity of your characters and how engaging they are to write!

Not even a battle of wits, a battle of digestive systems and sponsor gifts!

damn the capitol must have been DISAPPOINTED to just... watch them lie on the ground for the finale. I always imagine the Capitol as like FINALE TIME FOR BLOOD! and when it's not a gory showdown they're like :/ well time to watch the combat highlight reel for the year... we got that big ol showdown with everything Tamira did! and she really did her best, but the strengths of these finalists were so far apart she didn't even know what she was getting into. In the end, that's what got her. RIP queen.

But omg I'm glad everything came full circle, it really shows how much thought you put into the overarching story beyond just the tributes and I love that shit! clever!

Aston's gonna be what, basically the same age? as the tributes in Ready for War? omg thrilling. Can't wait to see him try to handle them.

Happy writing!
7/21/2020 c23 dyloccupy
oh shiiii!

dis finale was spectacular and super unique like of course it all came down to the pills LMAO.

honestly kinda shook that tamira didn’t win,,,but i’ve been rooting for king aston so yay! super happy that he pulled this out. that sponsor gift really came in clutch lol.

this has been such a wonderful adventure and i can’t wait for the epilogue! once again, this was a fantastic chapter and such a fitting ending for this story :)

if you stay ready, you ain’t got to get ready (for war)!
7/21/2020 c23 4bobothebear

im a lil SHOOK i wasn't expecting THAT! aston was always a big presence in the story but idk i just had my chips in for tamira! that being said very happy to see ms sophia bring home another baby victor,, we love a trendsetter! cedric the pharmacist an icon to be immortalized forever... pill boy u shan't be forgotten.

rip polo busker, the dreamiest of them all :(

ready for war aha!
7/21/2020 c23 1tear that cherry out
sigh... sighhhhhh...

i guess... i guess... i guess this is okay. if it was aston this whole time... then who am i to complain... sigh!

but here we are! killed by another 13 year old! whats new for me babey im used to it by now!

honestly, im not really surprised how this finale all came together - tamira, on paper, was the strongest of the three, but she had the odds stacked against her considering her injuries and the 2v1 situation that ultimately bit her in the ass. and then the pills... i mean, there had been a lot of foreshadowing to this moment also, and with characters like aston and cedric, its pretty funny to see it come down to them both tricking each other and literally who could ... not die first

but hey! tamira babey! honestly thank you so much for bringing her to life the way you did - as you said, i really tried to pull out all the stops for her character and i just knew she'd compliment your writing and your own personality so well, and she just added so much to this story that its hard for me not to be satisfied with this result. she was the 'villain' of sorts from the start, and though she began to strip back those layers and show more vulnerability by the end... i guess the villain never wins ... xx

congrats aston! he was a very fun character throughout this story - personally, i feel like he shone a lot more in the capitol and became overshadowed by cedric and his schemes throughout the games, but he was definitely a central character to this story throughout. thats one thing abt this finale - all 3 of them earned their rightful place to make it this far, and so the result was always going to make sense also! obviously not my preferred outcome but hey...

heidi for victor? count me tf in...

what a journey! this shit was wild! all thanks to ms calise! no crown to show for it but hey... she won the crown of my heart xx

kiss kiss! see u in rfw!
7/13/2020 c22 23symphorophilia
gods i've been procrastinating on this review so long... partially bc of work partially bc of pain but still no excuse i'm just 500% lazy lmfao.. however i am here now! and this chapter... shit wild omfg...

polo - i really like the whole dynamic of cedric trying to play his allies against each other like... being sweet to both of their faces and trying to manipulate them into doing his dirty work with killing the other in such a subtle way but it's also just backfiring so much... polo's empathy has been one of his defining factors in this story, obvious from the fact he literally traipsed across an entire arena trying to find someone to save triesse's life and how he's still feeling her loss so deeply... add to that the fact that aston's been nothing but sweet the whole time and has shown greater support to polo than cedric really seems to have, and we've got ourselves a whole moral dilemma going on! anyway, of the five that are remaining polo's definitely done the least for me storywise but he's still the most ethically and empathically sound character we've got which is refreshing given the other four are pretty clear antagonists... well save aston, who falls somewhere in the grey zone. this pov was refreshing just for the voice/intonation he carried.

tamira - okay so we're really seeing some self-doubt carrying through here... been waiting for this development from tamira for awhile, slowly but surely she's becoming more vulnerable and more human. her reflections on remo were kind of fascinating because it seems like she saw him as a true friend even though i never got the sense that remo was particularly attached to her from his own POVs... to a degree, yes, but nothing like the emotion tamira's displaying for him here. i cant help wondering if part of its driven by a guilt complex because she's sort of wallowing... like, her mask is starting to crumble; she's always been more of a fake, gossipy person, a literal drama queen basically, but now that she's kind of winding down from that big fight and has lost her sole remaining ally she's starting to realize that she can't hide her true face behind a mask forever... that her friends in twelve may never have really been her friends, that the life she's lived up to this point has been one that's more oblique and uncertain than she ever considered. it's good to see this reflection and self-awareness at such a critical stage... she's the powerhouse of this fic, so a moment of sober weakness was a nice means of fleshing her out more.

im gonna do cedric's pov next bc... yeah, you know :') okay, what a THROW this was like holy shit i had absolutely no idea how this scene was going to pan out. cedric's so self-aware of his spot in the games and the weaknesses that he embodies just with his age and constitution and size... like his manipulation and his mind are the most sound assets he has, and so he has to rely on one of the other two to really carry him through the finale. he's played the games smartly but he isn't quite as good about covering his tracks as he thinks... and in the midst of all his scheming he let even his knowledge slip. polo's out, and in such a brutal fashion, like yeah... unintentional betrayal, but betrayal nonetheless! yet at the same time it was a perfect tie up for this plot... and it allowed aston to have his moment of realization of cedric's intentions/the paranoia he'd taken on from arden coming to fruition at last. the resulting argument has been brewing for awhile, and now that the air between these two is somewhat cleared, i truly do think they'll fight together against tamira in the finale, sans backstabbing... it's true that staying teamed is their best chance for survival. tamira's been pretty banged up from her recent fight so she's been brought closer to their level... meaning it could really be anyone's game at this point. that's awesome.

okay... and voitsekh. honestly what do i even say here? you gave him a great end... basically getting high off his own death, recognizing that his choice to volunteer and the whimsy of it (coupled with all of the internal resentment, pain, envy, frustration etc. that he was going through) wasn't so whimsical after all. he wanted to die, i think... has for awhile - i mean, things are finally going right and he goes and pulls a stunt like volunteering to mess it all up again... he was wholly useless in training... he's been effective in the games only as a result of losing his fucking mind, and his dwindling mental state has been something long in the works... the way this fight played out was phenomenal and i think it's telling that you really incorporated so much of his muted jealousness into this POV before doing him in; he resents tamira because she represents a life he wanted but couldn't have/strength that he needed but couldn't attain/acceptance that he longed for but was always denied, what have you. i know i put in his form that envy was basically his fatal flaw so it's pretty fitting that he fed into envy specifically in this fight before going out. all that internal monologuing... i mean, shit. thanks so much for everything you've done with him, it's probably awful to say but i loved watching him go from just generally eccentric to completely batshit crazy as the story progressed... couldn't have asked for a better arc :') thanks for appreciating the absolute mess that was voitsekh nazeryan (literally my son?) and thanks for the fifth place! couldnt drink when this chapter was posted bc of work but im having an honorary vodka shot now.

alriight alright, final three... hard to believe we're already here. my predictions for victor as of right now is... honestly nobody, it's a fair game and the chips could fall pretty much any which way between these three since tamira's injured. the victor i would prefer... definitely aston, he's more sympathetic to me than the other two. i also tend to root for the underdogs and so i personally wouldn't like to see tamira win simply because this story was rather dominated by the career tension throughout a chunk of the games... but that being said i do think that tamira DESERVES the win the most, closely followed by cedric. they've both been such huge plotmovers in this story, and that's been evident since day one!

my ideal final three... okay so i'm gonna be a /tad/ biased since my tribute is included but honestly i'd have loved to see a D11 finale. sienna, bronte and voitsekh. there was just a real interesting dynamic between the three of them and we rarely see same district tributes push all the way to the finale together so it could've been fun... but of that group i think i'd have had voitsekh (the antag of the three) place third and then got into some epic deep tumblr poetry bullshit scene between sienna and bronte and had bronte ultimately choose to fall in order to let sienna live because of the connection they'd developed... sienna wouldve been the victor :') but other than my dream fantasy D11 finale, i think i'd have chosen valyn, aston and sienna (yeah sienna's still here! what a queen) and then had... hmm... valyn come out on top? honestly if they were the final three i'd be happy letting any of them win idk i have a valyn bias still she was such a babe... sienna grew on me... aston's more of a sweetheart than i'd pegged him for originally and has a good head on his shoulders... yeah!

anyway that's it from me... hyped for the finale. thanks for writing! hope you're doing well.
7/8/2020 c22 12jakey121
I am still like mega shocked that Polo made it this far but I really enjoyed this POV like a lot a lot. And FUCK CEDRIC? Now you’re scheming against Aston too. I mean Aston is a threaaat so I understand but like. Cedric. C’mon. But I think physically Cedric realises that Polo is actually much more capable than Aston so his loyalties are now changing. Even tho he’s never been loyal so I guess there’s that.
Polo is just a happy go-lucky confident guy who’s always been hella emotional and it’s really playing on him everything that’s happened. And he just wants to live. Can’t blame him for siding with Cedric.

What I find funny is I really don’t think Remo cared this much about Tamira… like… she’s almost obsessed.
There has always been vulnerability to Tamira which is what makes me love her because she’s funny as fuck and I live for her drama but she also comes across as a real person. It’s why it’s so obvious you have had such fun writing her because you do it SO well. I know some others and myself have also mentioned how it’s been pretty obvious also she was the star of the show and will probably win too but tbh… I don’t mind that. She’s the star of the show for a reason and I liked this POV for stripping back even more of her strength.
Voitsekh has been on one hell of a journey as well. And I love that his final moments were due to Tamira – their stories have been intertwined for some time now and it’s worked out so well. His release from life ended up being the best drug he’s ever experienced. It’s poetic. Tamira is fuccckkeeeed up tho. Like. Fucked up shoulder, fucked up leg, strangled nearly to death… idk how she’s actually going to survive tbh. Those are some shit injuries.

Andddd Polo is dead. RIP.
I love that after all the pent-up tension over who the hell Cedric is going to choose, Polo dies by accident. He was almost playing god here – deciding who best to serve him in the finale, and who to let go now. Through all his underhanded strategies, there is a confidence to Cedric, but also an awareness that he can’t physically survive this. And yeah… Aston is just as bad. They’ve all done things in the name of survival that are just as bad as each other.

SO GOOD. I’ve always loved Aston – he’s been my favourite tribute from the beginning. Tamira has alongside Aston been such a standout. And Cedric for a thirteen year old has so DONE well… and he’s earnt it. So. Yeah. Love it.

Prediction order for finale:
3rd – Cedric
2nd – Aston
1st – Tamira

Want order for finale:
3rd – Tamira
2nd – Cedric
1st – Aston

I won’t include Bronte in my preferred final three because of bias. I would have gone for…. Uh…
Valyn, Aston and Triesse lmao.

7/6/2020 c22 1In Writing
Ah, okay, I haven’t been reviewing at all. I think the last chapter I reviewed was Annie’s death? Which literally wasn’t intentional at all, I’ve just been swept up in a bunch of stuff and things have been wild on my end. Super gutted I missed out on subbing for RFW, but 15 hours work days don’t give you too much time to do anything but work or sleep :(( I have 5 days off, though, so I intend to sit down and review the chapters I haven’t yet! I have been reading them, just in bits and pieces whenever I had time. Buuuut I wanted to review this now because I want to get my thoughts out before the finale!

ANYWAY I should probably shut up and actually review now.

Okay, okay. So final three: Aston, Cedric, Tamira. I’m loving it. I knew that Polo wasn’t going to make the top three, but Voitsekh surprised me. Polo was a great guy, but idk. For me he just kinda blended into the background? Like, even though I loved his character, I would kind of forget he existed until he appeared. Which is 100% on me being forgetful and nothing to do with your writing, but still. Voitsekh’s death surprised me, though. I thought for sure that one of the kids would have gone before him.

Who do I want as Victor? I’m torn between Aston and Cedric. I like Tamira, but I feel like she’s the clear cut Victor and I like some good shake ups. Out of Cedric/Aston, though? I’m kinda leaning towards Cedric. Is that weird cause he killed my kiddo? Maybe. But I feel like out of the arena he’s the one who would have the most growth. I think there’s a big difference between him and Aston in that whilst they both killed in the same way, there were different motives behind it. Aston did kill Triesse as a mercy kill, and pushing Arden was instinct. Cedric just straight up murdered Annie, even if Polo was an accident. I also think that if it does end up being those two in the final two, that Cedric would be more likely to kill Aston. I know Aston has the pills, still, which I’m assuming are going to factor into the finale somehow, but idk. Unless Cedric was wounded and it was another Triesse situation, I just don’t see him killing his ally. Though Cedric has already proven he has no problem with that.

Also, I just think it’d be cool to see a lil Victor because you don’t see them in most stories. In fact, the majority of them don’t survive the bloodbath so these two making it all the way to the final three is pretty damn cool in the first place.

Anyway, I hope you’re doing well! I really didn’t mean to dip after Annie, truly! I’ve loved all of the twists and turns this story has taken and hopefully I’ll manage to catch up on reviews real soon. Take care and stay safe!
7/6/2020 c22 4Cosmic Corsair
I feel like I don't know how to review anymore. sorry if my thoughts seem disconnected I legitimately feel like my brain is dead right now it's bad

Cedric you goddamn snake. This is what he does, whispering false promises in everyone's ears. Polo is the last good guy in this story, and in your stories, good people don't last very long. This isn't going to end well for the dude, he's going to get caught in the middle of Aston and Cedric's covert war of lies and manipulation. Now he has to betray his good nature to help Cedric kill a kid who's treated him very well. He picked the wrong fucking kids to run into.

Wow, what you did with Voit, god damn it I'm so sad he didn't make it. Voitsekh was my boy in this story, I loved this dude like you wouldn't believe. The self-defeatism, the personal demons, the angst, what a guy. He was so hopeless and aimless, once his ventures to join the Career pack went up in flames, he went on his own and typically I love lone wolves but you made his journey so unconventional. I would have loved it if this guy could live but he REALLY went off the deep end, like...spinning around in circles looking up at the sky with a bloody sword LMAO yeah he's gone, but he became such a tough monster of an antagonist as well.

omg this fight scene was so intense and bloody. You truly are excellent at writing these gory scenes, this is definitely my favorite fight scene, holy shit this felt so real. I don't think there was anything you could have done to redeem him, I mean Voisekh killed a kid in cold blood and was starting to torture people. He went from "charmingly eccentric" to "texas chainsaw massacre" levels of crazy. And what a life he's had. I can see why he felt Tamira was being a drama queen. Compared to the shit he's been through — being bullied, surviving overdoses and who knows what else. It was probably meant to come off as being whiny, but, I did feel bad for Voisekh.

"It sucks that the worst Tamira has had to go through was a probable condom snap or getting kicked out of a party." damn, what a brutal line.

I loved his degeneration into pure madness, and the way he died, on the ground, hallucinating and realizing that death is more beautiful than any drug he's ever taken in his life (i guess they didn't have DMT in District 11). perfect ending for Voitsekh — a walking mess whose demons consumed him and turned him into something unsalvageable. everytime I think of Voitsekh i'm just reminded of the Chuck Palahniuk quote: "Losing all hope was freedom".

wtf happened to Polo? I guess Cedric poisoned him although I think it was meant for Aston. this is what happens when you throw two manipulators in one alliance they start mindfucking each other and overthinking everything and poor Polo got caught right in the middle. I didn't care about Polo at all until the Games tbh, then I realized what a nice guy he was when he went out of his way to help Triesse. :( RIP!


Okay, so who should win?

Cedric I think has been a strong POV throughout the Games. He snuck through the Capitol but ever since he killed Annie, he's been on a tear of rampant manipulation and deceit. He's different from Aston, who's also manipulative but has too much heart to deceive people unless he's really backed into a corner, since at the end of the day, Aston is kind of a lovable sleazeball whereas Cedric has a cool detachment and a willingness to win at all costs even if he has to hurt people and betray his principles for a little while. at the end of the day both Aston and Cedric struggle with being cowards and they're both shady but Cedric has been more aggressively dishonest and quite the master manipulator. truthfully i never expected cedric to get this far into the Games, i thought he'd be an "act one villain" for Aston and Polo to trounce and then they could move on to deal with the finale.

Aston was a strong character in the Capitol and you wrote him amazingly and made him shine. he's a guy who really likes to keep his rep clean and maintain a good image for his friends and in the Games, idk if he got the memo people were gonna be dying, he seems to be struggling real hard with that while Cedric has fully embraced the role of a killer. Aston hides it because he refuses to embrace that part of himself but he's basically done it twice, and now Cedric and Aston are tied on kills.

Cedric has been such a dominant presence that Aston has faded to the background a lil. That was by design i think. I'm not sure who you'll choose, depends on who you think has earned it more, or will have better development from winning as a human being. It's so hard to choose, you've done such a good job making them even. It's anyone's game, but something tells me Aston has a trick up his sleeve? I'm not sure how, but the pills he received will play some part in his victory or demise.

I think Cedric/Aston could pull off a win and idk if it would be believable but since Tamira is a lil fucked up maybe that evens the fight out for them. Cedric really surprised me this story, so if he ends up helping Aston kill Tamira (that's the only way I can see either of them winning tbh) then I suppose he could poison Aston or finish him off if he's gravely injured, and vice versa for Aston. It's weird to see an alliance intact go into the finale. Usually my ideal finale is with tributes from their own alliances who've had their own unrelated sub-plots. So they'll have that "trust", whatever that's worth.

Tamira has been on a fucking TEAR through this story, huge antagonist, huge plot mover, killing off bitches left and right. Before I was like, "i need a little more to be convinced" and i got it. Remo, Bronte, Voit, they're gone now and they've all furthered her development, even if, by definition, sociopaths can't really develop all that much. But man, I think Tamira at her core is just trying to survive like anyone else, she just has a radically different approach to the Games than everyone else. She has to put on a show and be entertaining, I get it, and it's a unique angle and it's made her very confident even if literally nobody likes her. it doesn't matter what they think if they're dead and she's alive tho. She's done so much throughout this story, can she pull it off?

i want to see Tamira win for a few reasons: she's actually the underdog in this fight (fresh significant injuries, 2 vs 1), and she's a villain. Like, when is the last time an actual villain won the games? can't remember, but I wanna see it. I want to see how someone like Tamira copes with having to kill actual children and reliving everything all over again, watching herself torment people and then having to go home to confront her "friends" and the Academy. I think it could still be interesting from the perspective of a villain.

So Cedric would be interesting from a morally ambiguous perspective — in the end he's willing to betray his principles and poison people to survive. Aston is a lighter shade than Cedric, but he's still shady, so like I guess from a development angle, Aston would be interesting. Tamira is my choice though. She's a bitch, but, when push came to shove, she backed it up. She definitely wasn't a weasel like Aston, or a snake like Cedric. What I love about this finale though is that these 3 finalists are all bad people. i know you're a fan of the villains, and i agree wholeheartedly, they keep things interesting, which is why i think Tamira deserves that win more than anyone.

Bruh, my final 3 wouldn't have made any sense, it would have been Voitsekh, Triesse, Sienna, and I would have found a way to include Scout and Remo somehow. i would've had Arlo kill Tamira tbh but it would've been by accident. fun stuff.

Feed me that finale, i';m ready for war!
7/6/2020 c21 Cosmic Corsair
Finale coming up, i gotta review this now.
The big showdown, I knew for certain that Tamira would be walking away unscathed — she's just too good and too important to this story. Never figured you'd pull a Ted and kill four of them in one chapter. Insane, I was so sure Bronte would make it and live to fight Tamira again.

Remo hung on longer than I expected him to, after getting his hand almost cut off by Voit. I quite enjoyed Remo in the Games and in the Capitol as one of Tamira's pets. He steered further from that comedic sidekick role and came into his own. He was always irritable and stoic, his pov's were so fucking hilarious, i just love these grumpy characters and I wish there were more of them. Despite all his hardness, Remo was always a sensitive guy, struggling to bear the weight of his family's desires. He was a living relic of District Two, and he felt like he was trying to remind the Capitol and the world not to forget about him or his people. Unfortunately I just don't think he could bear the weight of those responsibilities anymore. He also needed to die so Tamira could be vulnerable and develop. RIP, one of my favorite boys in this story.

Sienna, damn, I really hated to see her die this way — like some helpless little child at the mercy of a someone else. I never regarded her as a child because damn did she subvert that trope. There are so many parallels between this story and Jake's, and one of those is the way you've written all of these young characters and made them so realistic and mature. Sienna gave me strong Maisley vibes, but in a more comedic sense, like she had that sassiness and charm.

Sienna didn't have that fear that so many other littles have, where she's afraid all the time and tries to hide how incompetent she is. Sienna was young and proud, and used her age to disarm people and make them give up their secrets, because after all, Sienna's just a kid, what do they care if she's going to die anyway? But Sienna was smart and played her cards right and maybe she wasn't a master manipulator like Cedric, because she wanted to be honest. Why should she lie to herself? Sienna, a naggy little girl capable of holding her own in the verbal spats with the likes of Tamira and Scout, brought a lot of life and humor to the Careers. But she lacked that cold and calculated edge that Cedric possessed, and as such is usually the case when it comes to littles, they often become victimized by the stronger characters and situations like these happen as well where Sienna just became too friendly with Bronte and relied on her too much. Sienna had iconic energy like Maisley from Neverland, and helped reinvent how I feel about younger characters. RIP.

Valyn for me was a surprise, I didn't think she'd last so long tbh. like i said before she was quickly becoming arrogant after killing two careers and it made her this badass vetted fighter which added a lot of unsteady energy to her alliance with Bronte. Valyn was a great foil to Bronte's passive qualities, continually pushing Bronte in a direction she didn't want to go and putting Sienna at risk. i always love the alliances that contrast with each other and Valyn brought that with Bronte. i didn't figure her for a victor though, she was tough but was spiralling down an unhealthy, destructive path. she was game the whole way through though — i think without the powerhouse personalities of tamira/cedric/aston/voitsekh i could have seen Valyn making it into the final 3. RIP.

Bronte...damn, this was hard to read. Bronte died in such a horrible way if you think about it. Before she died, she had to watch all of her allies get killed in front of her, and she couldn't do anything to stop it. and then when faced with the bully who has tormented her every single step of the way, Bronte made the huge mistake of trying to play mind games against Tamira. WHY? why would she do this? Bronte, someone who tries to see the best in people, probably thought for a brief moment like maybe Tamira was showing some genuine remorse and telling the truth. But I think Bronte saw her clutching the knife and realized "nah, this bitch is just crazy" and tried to go for the "i know you're in there somewhere!" argument to stall for time, hoping to kill her. But Tamira beat her to the punch. I wouldn't doubt if it was Tamira's plan all along to fake cry just to lure Bronte closer, knowing how predictable and sappy Bronte is. Fucking Tamira with her 5D CHESS.

I really liked Bronte in the Capitol, i felt like she was at her best when she was being dragged into those cat fights with Tamira. Watching Bronte just boil under the surface as Tamira taunted her was hilarious. once Bronte went her own way, I didn't find her as interesting as i used to. She played the role of an oddly protective older sister for Sienna. I didn't really understand why Bronte cared about her so much? Then I really dug the prospect of her going off to confront Tamira and fight her to the death though — I thought it would have capped off her development nicely if she wound up conquering Tamira and went the way of Neviya who got her vengeance and then marched on towards the final 3. Bronte didn't get what she wanted, and to be honest it seems like Bronte failed at everything she tried to do, which is just tragic. Poor Bronte just wanted to do things fairly, the right way. RIP.

This chapter just showed me that Tamira is just a different animal. No doubt a sociopath, but there were moments in here where I felt like her mask slipped and she started to feel something, like when Remo died. Legend shit right there, Tamira is on a fucking CONQUEST!
7/5/2020 c22 14Chaos In Her Wake
NOICE okay!

rip voitsekh ig... i never got attached to him, out of all the drama queens during training i think it affected my perception of him most negatively which is SAYING something when Tamira has been here this whole time as well.
the fight scene was GOOD. high stakes high tension clear action all around, and a one-on-one combat between two of the strongest characters in the story requires some top notch writing. sophia you DELIVERED! while also injecting more fear and uncertainty than these two have felt in the whole story, so well done.

ugh i KNOW polo was useless but I still loved him... so funny that his death ended up being an accident... rip king you were too sweet for this world

And Cedric and Aston start to break, but pull together against Tamira! I'm thrilled.

Okay. Let's see, what's on the docket for the finale? Well, the playing field has been leveled with the injuries Tamira sustained in her fight with voitsekh and the past career showdown, so while Tamira would normally have the upper hand, the boys have a shot against her. We've seen two non-careers successfully take down the physically strongest competitor in the finale several times even just recently, so there's a good chance the same thing will happen here. Although, Tamira could still pull the victory based on grit alone. I don't think Cedric will have the time to plan out a use for that last nightlock pill during a combat scene, so unless you turn the finale into a battle of wits or he uses it to end someone's suffering (his own? he gets mortally wounded and decides to take a quicker way out? now that would be poetic irony), I don't think that last pill will find a natural use.
Cedric is the smartest of the three, but honestly while he's masterminded a lot of the plot, I don't think he's changed as much as Tamira- who's had a more ongoing sense of losing control- or Aston. I think if Cedric wins, it'll be too clean. He really just started losing his grip on things in this chapter... too little too late, for me.
Major props to the two youngins for making it this far, though. That's a big deal, we don't see it often, etc etc etc!
I'd like to see Aston win, for this reason: I want to see him live with himself. I think he's the most torn up about the Games of the final three, and I'm really curious to see him have to come to grips with his betrayals, his own lies, and the cost of survival. Cedric and Tamira are too comfortable with the 'i do what i must to survive' mindset already, and a victory for one of them would be less satisfying. However, I think this reasoning is also Aston's biggest weakness and could just as easily kill him as give him the win.

GURL lol if I was writing this story my top 3 would have probably been Bronte, Polo, and Sienna. Different strokes for different folks!

Happy writing!
7/5/2020 c22 1tear that cherry out
hey baby! im ready for tamira to WIN!

polo! busker polo! and his mf ugly ass hat! honestly, i like how this pov reflected exactly how i feel about polo's position in this story- what has he done?! why is he here!? someone enlighten me please. but nonetheless, this was a fun pov in the sense that the plot is thickening, and theres no clear victor from this mini-betrayal plot cedric is stirring up. who will survive? i already know bc kevin spoiled it for me but! i wouldve been intrigued otherwise! polo has remained quite consistent throughout this story as being quite a joyful character, and though the effects of the games are truly beginning to get to him, its nice to see that he still has the ability to add humour to his interactions. other than that... yeah im still completely unsure how hes made it this far but the trench foot jokes have been IMMACULATE.

tamira my BABY. shes so gorgeous. as expected, remo's death has had a huge impact on tamira's own emotional state, and yet shes still managing to hold it together in a sense. im proud. shes a mess rn, truly, but shes strong enough to keep soldiering forward and keep trying to take one step closer to victory. its really nice to see vulnerability from the girl who literally terrorised others for the sake of her own personal entertainment, and the whole sentiments of finally having a loyalty that she couldnt seem to find in d12. shes a baddie but shes a baddie with feelings. i love it and i love her! lets win this thing girlie!

live fast die young bad girls do it well x
ok FUCK. FUCK. this pov... FUCK. you write fight scenes so well? idk how you managed to make this a whole ass pov but you wrote it so well and now im SCARED. oh girls tamira is not in a good way. this pov from voitsekh was so DARK and malicious and fuckin creepy and weird and scary and at first i was like... hasnt he lost the plot? and the more i read it i was like... yeah he has lost the plot! just everything about this pov idk im so discomforted by it... tamira's very fatal injury... voitsekh's bloodthirst... i really thought tamira calise would be SAILING into the finale against 2 13 year olds but oh no baby... oh no... AH
i cannot form cohesive thoughts and opinions rn i am WORRIED

cedric... what a pov to send us into the finale. one that was SO well-written once again with the conflict and the uncertainty and the accidental poisoning and the everything. cedric has been a character that has been so central to this story - neck and neck with tamira, imo - and this pov just really wrapped up his importance and his overall plotline: it was his decision to make, and it ended in betrayal. soooo good. i literally dont have a lot to say other than the fact i ADORED this pov, i find cedric such an entertaining character to read and im so intrigued to see what happens next

and tamira... literally on the verge of death, about to fight in the finale of the hunger games and shes still a sarcastic bitch LMFAO i love her


ok so... the victor i PREDICT. honestly, not gonna lie, i was slightly overconfident for the majority of this story that tamira had it in the bag but... idk. i feel like cedric has been such a pOWERHOUSE this entire story and though tamira would make more sense because shes literally kinda been the star of the show for the majority of this story, cedric has been a character who has flown under the radar and completely taken myself and probably everybody by surprise. with tamira's injury, aston by his side... i can definitely see it happening.

the victor i want... tamira? i feel like throughout this entire story, she has shown so many layers to her character and added so much to this story to make it so great. theres a pure entertainment to her that you've captured honestly so well, and though shes clearly struggling at the moment and her victory would be somewhat predictable from a distance, she kinda has been the star of this show and shes shown so much depth and vulnerability throughout. deverra 2.0? sigh...

although i do love aston, i feel like his victory would be slightly less deserved than the other two. only slightly. but that might make the difference in the finale.

my ideal final 3 wouldve beeeeen... cedric, sienna and tamira. icons!

update sooooooooooon pls. i cant wait for ANOTHER one of my tributes to be killed by ANOTHER 12 year old in your finale... seems to be a recurring theme huh? x

kiss kiss xx
7/5/2020 c22 dyloccupy
WELL DAMN! dat was super intense and dramatic,,,and i absolutely loved it!


polo - we been knew this was going happen. but it doesn’t make it any less brutal, like damn that got me SHOOK! see kids, this is what happens when you try to eat healthy! you accidentally eat some poisonous greens! love how this accidental betrayal created some tension between aston/cedric and lead to a pretty amazing confrontation. and then miss tamira crashes the party!

voitsekh - rip king! his development was certainly unique, with him becoming a bit insane in the membrane. really enjoyed what he brought to the story! this last fight was super intense and really felt like a career showdown. tamira gets to be shown even more vulnerable, while still taking down the biggest remaining threat.


we made it ladiezzzz! who woulda thot it would come down to two thirteen year olds vs one trained bitchy career! not me! it’s honestly iconic!

these three deserve to be in the finale! each one has been through some tough shit and has developed spectacularly. super happy that one of these kiddos will make it out!

victor prediction,,,idk even tho it’s 2 on 1, tamira has the training and recent development! but then she’s super injured and it seems like aston/cedric will work together,,,or will they?! IDK BC THEN ASTON STILL HAS THAT MYSTERIOUS SPONSOR GIFT! i feel like despite everything, tamira will pull it out. do i want that to happen? idk! but she still deserves to snatch that crown.

who i want,,,aston or cedric! aston bc i think out of these finalists, he’s grown the most and been through the most tomfoolery. but then cedric has been such a key narrator throughout the story so he would also make a fantastic victor! especially since his method of manipulation was certainly unique! again, all three of these hoes deserve it,,,just crown ‘em all! do that challenge!

ideal finale,,,honestly these three make sense with my fantasy! it would’ve been cool to see voitsekh make it, but idk this top three is perfect. at least he fucked up tamira!

anyways! excited to see who gets dat crown!
7/5/2020 c22 4bobothebear

ugh the kings are making a SALAD! polo's pov was enlightening to the differing mental stages of the tributes left. you can feel how he's lagging BEHIND king cedric who is pragmatic and realistic w himself and has a rational agenda of stringing polo along because he's not on par with him. lowkey cedric kinda SLAPs. AH!

tamira giving big development energy in this pov thinking about REMO like it was a eulogy to quiet king and it really develops this softer, humane side to her that adds depth to the queen bee we got in the capitol/throughout the games. she's filling out as a character just as we hit the finale and that's PERFECT timing for a victory song in MY opinion,,, go off queen

voitsekh wilding truly wilding he was a bizarre character but a really flexible and versatile plot pusher but ALAS we have reached out wit's end with him,, rip king.

cedric went OFF! by ACCIDENT LMFAO KINGGGGG. honestly the method of polo's death could've been a whole host of things but i think his death here made sense - cedric and tamira definitely have been the two most key narrators of this story and aston's downward spiral provides a nice contrast to the other two so this three makes a really nice finale! i LOVE the way u portrayed busker polo,,, thank u for the memz sophia legend


predicted victor: tamira
wanted victor: tamira
ideal final 3: tamira, polo (xx), cedric

update SOON the people wanna know who WINZ
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