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for The Pureblood Cuckoo

14h c10 Skyfultower
Such a great story. I love the plot and where this story is headed. Looking forward to an update
5/5 c10 1mitch404
Wow. That is interesting. Please update
4/29 c10 5iamtherealmaverick
I’m sorry for your loses.

I’m enjoying this fic, thank you!
4/7 c10 1kelbelz
I’m so sorry to hear about your family members. I do hope things have become slightly easier since then, this pandemic has been completely crazy!
Anyway, enjoying your story and looking forward to more when you get going :)
4/2 c10 Aurlia
Love this story! Extremely curious to see where the next few chapter head.
4/1 c9 1malfoylover97
Please please pleaaaase update! I've re-read this story already 3 times and I need more! :(
3/25 c10 A thing 4 luvin LEAH
Wow this story seems so good I really wish I could see how it ended over it was going but I know time Writing takes a lot of work. But I love a good spin off story with a little Ron bashing but I hope he comes around if the story ever continues because I like it when Ron can be redeemed
3/25 c10 Tobleronene
Very interesting story! Looking forward to new chapters.
3/19 c10 blyandere
update please
3/10 c10 Guest
I love it so much. Oh my god. Brilliant
2/23 c10 GrangerLightwood
It’s an amazing story ! When is the next chapter gonna be posted ?
2/8 c10 Guest
i love how realistic the interactions between Hermione and everyone are - how it takes time and effort to connect. Also I adore the idea of them making a school! And would enjoy maybe Draco bumping into Ron while with Harry and them fighting about him ditching Hermione and maybe Ginny coming into it? And then Hermione saying she can fight her own battles and them that she doesn’t have to/Draco explaining he feels like he needs to help fight them even though he knows she’s badass - with reference to the punch - But that’s just an idea and this is your story :)
2/6 c10 nkh1
an excellent chapter,
2/4 c10 Guest
This is a great story! Please don’t ever give up on it! I have loved every second of reading what you have written for this story! You are so talented!
2/4 c10 natalie09
Thank you for this story, it's only starting but I can't wait to see what Hermione will do now that she's got the means. And I love your portrayal of Harry. I am sorry for your loss, and I hope you are doing ok
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