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3h c10 1malfoylover97
please update soon 3
1/19 c10 FA-AL
This is such an amazing take on this storry line, I can't wait to read more!
Condolence for your loss, try to remember only the good ocasions.
1/15 c10 Jasmett
First let me say I’m so sorry for your loss. Losing someone is hard but to lose multiple people during this pandemic...my heart goes out to you.

I hope you find Solace in writing and in the fact that so many people enjoy your writing. I know I do. You’ve captured and Conveyed so many emotions I really feel like I know the struggle Hermione is going through.
1/15 c10 14snape.granger.fanfic
Hope to see Hermione and Narcissa interaction soon. I prefer Hermione/Narcissa shipping but I am enjoying your fic so far.
1/11 c10 mday
I’ve been binging many of your stories tonight and just read this for the first time. I’m so sorry for your double loss and hope you are doing well and healing.

I live the way you’ve got Hermione acting and cannot wait to see how people respond to her school. I also hope to see some interaction with Narcissa and Hermione. And the Weasleys. We need to have some sort of confrontation with them.
1/6 c10 AussieSweet
I'm sorry for your loss. It's always hard to lose a family member, and even harder when it happens in a year like we had.
As to the chapter, I like how Hermione is thinking and manipulating. She really is "such a Malfoy" :)
1/4 c10 2Shorty653
I cry, lol I love your fics.
1/4 c10 1lilashannah
what excellent take on pure blood Hermione. no jumping in to being part of the new family. realistic problems. Fantastic story so far! my condolences to you and your family on the loss of your Grandfather.
1/2 c10 4Mei fa-chan
Great chapter!
12/23/2020 c10 2silverlovedragoness
I consumed this. I love your stories. Such a fascinating undertaking and so brilliant to read
12/10/2020 c10 13Forthwith16
Well, this has been an interesting read to get caught up on. I usually steer clear of these sorts of stories. It's thematically important that Hermione is muggleborn, after all, and taking that away is hard to do right. That said, Hermione is spot on here about trying to detangle herself from her pureblood heritage here. Other than that, I do enjoy the casual Harmony (I think?) in the background, and Lucius's utter cluelessness on what Hermione wanted but didn't expect from him seemed spot on for someone of his background. The Narcissa and Hermione interaction should be something to look forward to, especially after how her meeting with Andromeda went.
12/8/2020 c10 3IndigoBirds
I'm so unbelievably sorry for your loss. Words are never enough in situations like these, but I hope your hearts are all able to continue to remember the love and treasured memories you shared with her as you all begin to heal and move into the future.
12/6/2020 c10 F4ggot
sO fuCking gOOd!
12/5/2020 c10 Beauty Eclipsed
Love the plot.

My condolences on your loss.
12/2/2020 c10 7Forensica X
Thank you so much for continuing to work on this in the midst of your grief. We lost my mom in law way too early after her struggle with a rare terminal illness the week of my birthday, and we’re still reweaving our days without her thread. I hope your grandma rests in peace and happiness, and that love fills the ache in your heart.
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