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for I Quit! (challenge fanfic)

4/7 c37 Guest
Fuck you, you worthless asshole. I hope you got aids and died.
4/9 c1 Nyctophilicme
How dare hiruzen do that to Kakashi?! Ofc Kakashi doesn't wanna get close & form bonds with his team. He'll fucking kill himself if he loses them!
He lost his father after he was outcast as traitor; losing his teammates then being labeled a frnd killer; having to deal with the political consequences of a non-uchiha having sharingan; having assassination attempts on him by his own village's shinobi's aka roots; losing Minato & Kushina; guilt of not being able to help & stop what happened with itachi as the anbu captain; being denied of seeing naruto by the council & hokage; trying to kill himself by frequently doing anbu missions; and finally, even after being assigned team 7, he was forced by the council to focus on training the Uchiha & disregard the other two.
One can only handle so much wo going totally insane or getting emotionally detached.
4/7 c2 16Luciendar
Not for me. Although I honestly kind of expected that. Ibiki just doesn't grab my attention at all. Don't like him.

Sly's premise is amazing but I'd have to change the Ibiki bit. Honest to God, it just seems stupid to hand someone over to a hardass who is basically a ticking time-bomb primed to explode. After the last chapter I'd say a different approach isn't just preferred but downright needed.
1/8 c37 Guest
I enjoyed your story immensely. It is sad that it is discontinued, but I just wanted to say thank you for the effort you put in to the parts that you put up for us all to read.

Best luck on your future endeavours!
1/5 c37 Guest
Funny, you seem to be the worthless cocksucker here. "I got a bad review. They were men to me!" Boo-fucking-hoo you worthless cunt. Go cry to your daddy.
11/28/2023 c2 Bluenait
yeahh so it is a trash fic good to know
11/28/2023 c1 Bluenait
so he had not enough and is not fed up with the village?
so sill stupid pussy beta bitch Naruto ?
11/17/2023 c1 Unknown
So hiruzen repeated reasoning for allowing the circumstances that naruto is in because of avoiding the probability of war so it is we let you suffer because the villagers need to vent their anger and we know we could let your life better and godfather would have been there for you but we choose not too even though your parents sacrifice and hiruzen vowing to help your mother
Naruto letting that slide is quite sad
11/16/2023 c1 Guest
Hiruzen basic apology is like we knew that you we suffering and alone even though your parent's sacrifice and currently you have godfather we could have made your life better but choose not too for it might or might not cause a war among villages but this doesn't mean you have the right to lash out and please don't hate the village for clearly it's ideas about you
11/16/2023 c1 Unknown
It started nice but there needs to be redemption chapter for hiruzen because his way of redemption shouldn't be a few words that totally sums up to "we let you suffer even though we knew of your parents and godfather being not to take responsibility. We could have done better but choose not too"
10/28/2023 c37 1jamthacreator
This story is amazing, I'm sorry you experienced such immature comments, hopefully you still write because you have an amazing talent and skill for crafting stories. Thanks for the amazing read!
10/25/2023 c1 not a fan
After reading the first chapter, this story caught my attention... the only problem is that I have read the reviews and if he goes from having suicidal thoughts to forgiving everything... no thanks, I would have liked to see how Naruto had to little by little they manage those thoughts, as they almost decide to commit suicide several times because the villagers are idiots, until little by little they see how their intolerance is taking them to the brink of another attack by the nine-tailed fox... and finally Look at all the damage you have caused to who you should see as your hero or guardian...

the fact that you also limit the use of clones... that's why you take away the technique and don't use it... if you're going to limit it... it's not worth having it

I just hope that if one day you decide to continue where you left off, you will think about redoing the story to make it a little more believable.

In real life a person with suicidal thoughts will not stop having them without a lot of help and a lot of time... your Naruto has overcome it in 2 chapters which is stupid... just a comment
10/23/2023 c1 Darkness91
god this is freaking horrible
9/18/2023 c37 Guest
Good your stories suck 6pu limpdick
9/17/2023 c19 GrandTacoBell
It’s torture and interrogation not tourture and investigation. Just curious where did you hear that?
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