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4/18/2020 c2 1tontheoffbalance
Wow. If I may, so have some questions, a couple of suggestions. Are you going solely off the play(s) or some of the books? Also would you mind including Jeremy’s mother, figure his dad would try and contact her eventually with everything that happened (and happening) and Madeline/Elizabeth (Elizabeth was her name in the book and personally I like Elizabeth better. And it’s my head canon that Elizabeth is her real name and goes by Madeline to try and reinvent herself. I mean if she’s lying about being French who knows what else she’s lying about) which brings me to my next suggestion, I have this fic in my head centering around Madeline, if you’re interested, PM me and maybe we can collab.
I have so much more thoughts but this review is already long enough so I’ll save them for the next chapter. Can’t wait! Byyyyyeee!
4/18/2020 c1 tontheoffbalance
IDK if you noticed, but it was implied that Jeremy is Jewish (“I think I blew my bar mitzvah on a wintergreen tic tac”) at least in the off broadway version, so I’m not sure he would eat bacon. But that’s just me.
Anyway great characterization, love to see what you have next.

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