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for The Warped Reality of the Demon Lord of Swords

7/14 c5 Malhavoc Shadowlord
A very good story! Just recently began reading the other manga this is crossed with. A super OP Shirou with full Phantasms would have been entertaining, but a little challenge can be fun. Sort of bummed he couldn't Klein himself Saber, but perhaps he'll get the real Excalibur in a rare drop.
7/5 c5 Guest
The last part stabbed me- yep
6/22 c5 Ranmaleopard
As always this is just to interesting keep it up
6/22 c5 Guest
I have no idea why you decided to delete some of your most famous stories. Some say it was because they insulted you, but I don't know if it's that or something else. I think only the stories with more chapters were deleted. I just want to thank the author for not removing the crossover with digimon.
6/22 c5 Maleusgrimm
I hope you do not stop writing. Your Stories often made my day and it's sad how some of them are now missing.
6/21 c5 Jason wu
Did you really have to delete your fics? Well I would have more regrets if I didn't just reread wandering of a sword hero last week, that and the Tv troupes page probably still exists
6/21 c5 SentinalSlice
I hope they come back. I really liked their stories. I’m worried about A Dyslexic writer too.
6/20 c1 GaRage Fixcion
Maybe author got too pressured by readers since many of them really hope for continuation, so he decided to delete Wandering sword hero.
It's such a waste though, since the reviews already reach more than 10k.
6/20 c5 SilverZ-TenoriO
Hahaha! I have saved your stories in my fanfiction app! Lol
6/20 c1 EddyQ
Is there something wrong? Like ten of your stories just up and disappeared. Had a problem with GMs, or suddenly decided to demolish a good chunk of your artwork?
6/20 c1 cungfuzi1
Hello, I can’t figure out how to write a PM, so I’m putting this here. I was looking to re-read Wandering Of a Sword Hero, but it appears to have entirely disappeared from fanfiction. Is there a reason for that?
6/18 c5 KingOfEternity
Interesting, perhaps he needs more materials to summon her?
6/8 c5 24EMIYA KURO
6/2 c5 Biblio388
Well, best wishes to Eve and her desire, she will probably need the help. This is a fun one to read, and you handled the usual issues with summoning Shirou, i.e., he is Shirou, well.
6/2 c3 Biblio388
I have to admit, I half expected that summon to be a female, just because that seems to be Shirou's luck.
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