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for The Warped Reality of the Demon Lord of Swords

7/16 c17 1Sir Cookie
7/13 c17 Floating Ash
Omg this is great. I can’t wait for the upcoming battle!~~
7/9 c17 Anonymous
Fun Fact about how Guilds often operated; they were essentially workers unions and insurance. If you were part of a guild and hurt yourself, you could pull on the guild's resources to keep your family fed while you healed. for a starting fee, they offered tools and training for apprentice's. Guilds also had stamps to authenticate a works' quality, making it easier to sell.

the downside was giving the guilds a cut of your profits as well as a monthly membership fee.

I always saw adventurers Guilds as an extension of that; you can technically work as an adventurer outside the guild, but the guild would pre-scout missions, offer compensation for injuries (healing and such), and act as a quality control for clients. the downside would be the guild taking a cut of the job's pay.
7/9 c14 Chryseum
If Jeanne had her memories, why doesn't this one?
7/8 c17 1MysticRising
Interesring take on guilds. I can see their corruption, but in all fairness all things are corruptible, from adoption centers to charities. Even the most well meaning of intentions can be abused by others (just look at hoe politicians take advantage of everything).
I always figured guilds to be a separate branch of military more accessible to people. Typically in these worlds only nobels had armies and they usually wouldn't accept commoners, so guilds are a way to make it more accessible for commoners to elivate their status through their work (a meritocracy). And I think of them as military to deal with monsters. I always figured a nobles armies would be to fight/invade other countries and deal with law and order of a city, whereas adventurers were to deal more exclusively with monsters. Granted adventurers have a deadly profession and that partly has to do with how poorly trained and equiped they are, so I figure there are many failings with the guild system too.
7/6 c17 Sprengkamp
Th for the Capter
And that with the gulds is correct as it was so in RL history, it was a perquisit for the industrial revolution that the Guilds would by disbanded or dismantelt.
7/7 c17 3Albertrojas
Your have a point about guilds, but I have a slightly different opinion. In a medieval era where communication between distant places is hard, maintaining a semblance of order with a modern system is hard to outright impossible.

At worst they are a necessary evil until a better system is put in place. Which leads to Shirou in this fic.

You know, now that I think about it, Shirou as Astaroth is doing a pretty good job at doing a demon king's job of "destroying" the world by challenging the current world order. Not exactly "evil" imo, what is good and evil depends on your point of view after all.
7/7 c17 NovaWars
A union, or a really big monopoly lol
7/7 c17 Nagisa Tr
Is orbital bombardment of Ashtaroths castle a viable choice?
7/7 c17 RedDemonEye
Ah shit so it begins I this is gonna escalate very quickly time to bring out the big guns boys and girls we got plague zombies to kill also I never thought about the adventure guide that way but now that you brought it up it's pretty fucked up. Anyway keep up the good work and have a nice day.
7/6 c17 Lord Naruto
Great chapter, it’s actually been awhile so I decided to reread the story and I actually got to thinking about what would Shirou, anti-demon lord hero be like? I know you said he’d be super strong beyond comprehension but that seems like Shirou could still win with a solid strategy. What would be much harder is an assassin like hero! One who has no known information. Without Shirou being able to know anything about him, he’d never be able to plan a counter strategy. Well until after the assassin makes their move. It’d actually be pretty on brand of Shirou to run into the assassins before the assassination and lot and beat him just by being Shirou, the “good” Demon Lord.

Well I never read the web novel so I don’t know what you could possibly occur in your story, but I thought it be a neat idea, as opposed to some muscular meathead like character. But whichever way you take it I’m sure it will be interesting.
7/6 c17 mastermini
Thank you :)
7/6 c17 Mistroz
Excellent chapter
7/6 c17 Tenyo-dono
This story is really amazing, thanks for updating!
7/6 c17 maesde
Pretty cool chapter! Can't wait for the next one :).
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