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for Birth of the Wizarding Shinobi

5/30 c8 Clown Exorcist
5/25 c8 1Datan-shi. okami
finally on the 8th chapter this is really awesome I honestly don't know why it took so long to find this but it's dam good concept a Yami naruto is pretty awesome. hoping Mei can join the harem. keep up the great work?
5/20 c7 AsashiOfSapphire
And it's Tayuya not Tatuya.
5/20 c8 AsashiOfSapphire
Florida or Texas man, the governor there and the one here have their heads screwed on straight so I recommend a possible move.
5/18 c8 kage88
5/18 c1 8HyperA2019
I am looking forward to Chapter 9 and I hope Naruto learn the mystical art of Wizardry.
5/18 c8 5Giblenator
Nice. Can't wait for Naruto to pull off a Death Thrust or Dimension Slash Equinox.
5/18 c8 CoCoDu11
I'm happy to see you continue this story because I really love this story and this last chapter was really awesome (I just think Minato and Kushina should have suffered a little more but hey Minato has when an arm less so it should pass ). Otherwise I wanted to ask will it be a harem? I would like Naruto to be in a relationship with Shion, Temari, Shizuka and maybe one or two more people like Karin or Konan (she could see that Nagato has changed too much in his hatred or something like that ). I can't wait to see the rest .
5/18 c8 Guest
Finally a story where Naruto is man enough to dish out punishment to Minato and Kushina.
5/18 c8 haziqsaffari2
Good to have this back.
5/17 c8 5plums
Kinda expected / hoped for more consequences for Minato / Kushina. All it really felt like was the equivalent of the proverbial "I'll get you next time Gadget!" and the villains just getting away to plot the same thing all over again in the future.

If he was trying not to let his sister hear of it, he should've done something to them outside of the village. It would've been positively... "shinobi-like". Its not like i bet his magic can't block the hirashin. Why even allow hi to use it?
5/17 c8 4Soledge1
why are you stuck at home? I see people on the street all the time. or is it the job thing keeping you down.
5/17 c8 Guest
love it
5/17 c8 SPark681
Hmm, so a war is about to begin I hope Naruto is successful anyways keep up the great work!
5/17 c8 Guest
I can't wait to see how this ends. I am loving the story so much.
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