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for Birth of the Wizarding Shinobi

10/15/2020 c5 AJGuardian
Yeah. You aren't the only one. I hope you get the mojo back to keep writing
10/8/2020 c4 avjuan37
please make more chapters
9/23/2020 c5 1CosmicBeing
The capture and weakness shown on his part has outright killed this story.
9/23/2020 c5 avjuan37
please make more chapters
9/17/2020 c5 Rioto the devil
Please update soon!
9/7/2020 c5 fenixrojo36
8/30/2020 c5 Guest
Woo-hoo the pedophile is dead heehee gonna touch himself in hell
8/30/2020 c3 Naruto-dxd69
Hahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahaha fuck you haters! He will always be the true child of prophecy! FUCK MINATO, FUCK PERVY SAGE AND PEOPLE OF KONOHA!
8/30/2020 c1 Naruto-dxd69
8/29/2020 c5 Glitner
this is awesome ... just tone down on the stupidity of the konoha ... make it more realistic i mean now they all just come of as retards and i mean actually retards to the T .. they dont seem smart or show jealousy or anything like that they are just showing pure retardness
8/25/2020 c1 thegrison
Really? Smoking is bad for you. More so since without chakra to protect his lungs. The earlier you start smoking the worse it is on your still developing lungs. If you start when you are 25 you are fine. Start at 15-17 is bad. Cut the smoking out and your good.
8/24/2020 c5 1insanemaelstorm
Nice chapter. Like how Karin was shown. Like how Naruto escaped. Like how and why he decided to let naruko accompany him. Like how kabuto and orochimaru met their ends, hope they stay dead. Can't wait to read more
8/24/2020 c5 Haziq Saffari
Keep it up.
8/24/2020 c5 LoamyCoffee
Rad chapter.
8/24/2020 c5 101VFSNAKE
Awesome! Orochimaru is dead. Good riddance. Same with kabuto too. Love how women get angry with him yet secretly like him. Very tsundere of them. LOL!
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