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9/20 c16 sam
it would be cool or interesting , that instead of Felix dying veronica's mom got pregnant with jake kanes baby and gave birth causing veronica to balance even more before having a break down where she washes her hands of her mom not know who the baby day of her little sibling , her dad think its his and since it looks a lot like V as a baby . one day she gets a case that brings her back to face mr smith and that trauma is unpack as the case unfurls and they learn what happens through and old VHS tape but v dosent know so they now are more protective of her .
felix lives plz.

ps i truly enjoyed this and the above was inspired in part by it. also FOR WE THE BROKEN TIME CAN BE A WETTING STONE THAT EITHER SHARPENS THE EDGES OR BUFF THEM TILL SMOOTH AGAIN
8/11 c14 Guest
Hi everyone :)
Im si happy that you are reading my story. I have NOT forgotten about it and I’m actually starting it again to fix my errors. (That’s why you shouldn’t upload anything without reading over it again) lol. I struggled to find a story I liked about Eli/ Veronica pairings and I want to hear any plot advice or changes in plot you would want to see me wrote about.
8/12 c16 Ansem56
Love this version so much more than the originale, with your whole PCH family good Thumper, I especialy like Eli and Veronicas interaction and can't wait for more of your Awesome work.
8/7 c15 Marine76
I really love your story please update soon
6/29 c15 2grimmich
I am really anjoying some of the twists you are adding to this and how she interacts with the PCHers and Letty, but I wish she didn't fall into some of the same pot holes she did in the show. I also think that maybe you should write down some of the details for major plot points that you can reference as you write because there are a few times in here that you kind of fudge the story by forgetting something you wrote at an earlier time (not sure if its on accident or on purpose). I hope you keep writing so I can see more of this.
6/29 c12 grimmich
so is thumper going to stay a god guy in this or is he still going to be a fitzpatrick stooge?
6/29 c10 grimmich
ummm hector was there in the beginning when they followed her home from the station... so he should already know where she lives. I kinda like that veronica is a bit more violent in this though.
5/13 c1 Guest
The emphasis you put on the rape is something many people don't do... I am glad your story makes it a more intense part of Veronica as this is one of the defining things that make the Veronica Mars character relatable and an inspiration.
5/13 c9 Ronda
I like the story and am looking forward to seeing how the changes in the Weevil/Veronica relationship effect the plot. I also haven't seen any other FF that uses the pretence of Veronica pretending to be the innocent little girl. I found the in the show to be odd since so much bad happens in Neptune.
5/4 c9 Guest
Oh sure. Let’s tell the same exact story but toss in branding and rape like it’s fucking candy. That definitely makes an original fic.
4/29 c9 Guest
As a recent VM convert, I was so excited to see people still writing. Especially Weever. I love what you are doing with V's voice! You've really captured some of the grittier tone of the show and I can't wait to read more. )

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