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for Debts Owed

7/31 c2 4ChiTown4ever
I just found this story so it was a FANTASTIC surprise to have you post an update right after I started reading.
7/30 c2 immy020102
Oh my goodness! I am so excited about this story, i was so happy when i got the notification of an update . You are a very talented writer, i got so hooked on this chapter that when i was reading it and got to the end- i found myself feeling disappointed there wasn't more. Anyhow, it has been a little while since i watched show so i am excited to see where this story goes and i am eagerly awaiting the next update.
7/28 c1 ChiTown4ever
I just finished watching Robin Hood BBC (why only 3 seasons? Why?) And was so excited to see one of my favorite writers on this site has a Robin Hood fic. I hope you continue this one or write some more for this fandom.

I'm going to either have to try reading the rest of your fics for shows I've never seen, or quick binge watch some new shows, ha!
4/20 c1 1AmalieNico
This seems interesting. Cannot wait for the next chapter. And btw I really like the title of the story.
4/6 c1 SeraphineWhist
I love this series and have never read a fanfiction I really liked based on it buuttt you've never steered me wrong and once again you have reached into my mind and pulled out another fandom I love! I can't wait to read more and see where this story goes!
3/26 c1 KingofTruands
I know you’ve got a few stories in the works, and I am following a few of them, especially your Game of Thrones fics! I am also a Robin Hood BBC fan and am tickled that you’ve started this! Another treat to look forward to. A great start to an intro that’s left me asking more questions and yearning to find the answers! Till next time!

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