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for Armoured Demo

9/6 c7 Timothy45
Well this was an enjoyable story. So any plans for the full game? There is quite a bit to explore there.
4/14 c6 Lechain
Earthshaker, Ends of the Earth or Chaos ripper? For Terras keyblade ?
4/8 c4 45KingNice92
So what does the Shinra company think of Terra?
4/7 c4 X King 014
So in your story Cloud remembers Zack as his mentor and has mentioned Terra and perhaps Ventura and Aqua as well to him, interesting
3/31 c1 Lechain
Hiya. I only read the first chapter but out of curiosity. You're not building on a Cloud x Terra ship are you? Other then that its an interesting angle seeing a keyblader without any power or blade whatsoever. Kinda makes you wonder if all their lower comes directly from it.

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