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7/30 c5 3NaoSa
Love this and the ideas of which things to do, nice job! :)
5/6 c5 3MonstersHaveGreenEyes
Absolutely hilarious to see the scene from the satyrs perspective
4/30 c4 MonstersHaveGreenEyes
mannnnn I had always wanted to see that scene from another character’s perspective. Your descriptions are to die for dude.
4/30 c4 Guest
These are really cool! I think it's a really fun idea, and you're pretty good at these. There are a few grammar errors, but overall these are amazing! They match up with the actual storyline too. You should do one that's Newel or Doren in Fablehaven 1 when they're stealing soup from the ogress. Thanks for making these, again they are very cool!
4/30 c4 Jesussavedevenme
4/29 c4 2Luna Tenebris
This is amazing, thank you so much, I love it.
4/26 c3 3By myself alone
I loved the way you wrote this absolutely beautiful. And if you want my opinion I love Here comes the sun. :)
4/22 c3 2Luna Tenebris
Your stuff is amazing! I have a request that might be a bit of a challenge. Could you do Mara's perspective as Navorog transforms to his dragon form, eats Dougan, and swipes Mara off the cliff and a few moments after?
4/22 c3 3MonstersHaveGreenEyes
awwwww be still my heart
4/21 c2 MonstersHaveGreenEyes
ayyyy some duly needed Warren perspective
4/21 c1 MonstersHaveGreenEyes
awww so cute
4/1 c2 3By myself alone
Youre a really good writer. Dont put yourself down. Thank you for writing your stories are always fun to read. :)
4/1 c2 Wolf Lover27
U r an amazing writer. I loved the chapter. Stay safe. Update soon
3/27 c1 By myself alone
I was thinking you should do Lena in book 3 when she sees Patton again. Also I really liked how you made Bracken just know Kendra was faking her enthusiasm. :)
3/27 c1 3Jesus saved even me
I LOVE THIS SOOO MUCH! I Can't wait for more! Your so amazing!m
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