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for QKL Soldier, Izuku

9/1/2022 c2 Trevion1 Brownlee
This chapter was amazing I know you said you wanted this to be a one shot With one extra shot but you should continue this this is amazing
3/6/2022 c1 Guest
We need more bro
2/28/2022 c2 blasterdog
I did it
12/13/2021 c2 Guest
You should do a fanfic where izuku find a abandon library full of grimoires
11/16/2021 c2 KingConner
when is this going to update again? I really like this story.
11/16/2021 c1 KingConner
This is looking super interesting!
10/28/2021 c1 Panthers works
I'm surprised by how much I in joy the story I tute it might be something poor writing but it was good very imaginative hope ill see more of your work
7/26/2021 c2 MysticaLibraria016
I'm really interested to see who gives in first: Midoriya or 1A? I hope you update this more, we don't see too many Military AUs out there for the world of MHA.
7/3/2021 c2 9sd74
Damn, If you decide to finish this story would be fine if you take your time until fighting Overhaul, include movie characters/places, but the focus here will never be Afo.
6/7/2021 c2 OnceinaLifeti
Could you make more of this? I am highly interested in the torture dedguised as "training" that class 1-A will go through.
4/24/2021 c2 ClownDeMierda
Oh man, this needs more chapters, but if that won't happen, then I am at least happy that we got a 2nd one.
3/14/2021 c2 chaostheoryftw
what are the chances of this getting updated?
2/25/2021 c2 1darkpaladin89
Ooh, badass Izu.

Me likey.
12/25/2020 c2 Guest
Heck Yeah!
12/18/2020 c2 Fan
Will you continue this? You'll definitely continue this right? RIGHT? PLEASE UPDATE DEAR AUTHOR

Also Izuku's "horn" reminds of Snake's in Metal Gear. Did you get the idea from there?
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