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6/13 c7 Erik8
Very nice work! A happy ending for Erik at last and a not so bad Raoul ,too. I can't wait to see more stories from you.
4/2 c7 Guest
I am very happy that Erik and Christine have gotten married! I love The Phantom of the opera Musical, more than I love myself! In fact, as an aspiring Christine Daae on Broadway, I love the ending to your story, much better than the ending to The Musical! I wish Christine would have stayed with her Angel of Music, The Phantom in The Musical! I really do! But, it's too late to change the ending to the Musical. It's been the same ending for 32 years, on Broadway. And even longer on London's West Side, or whatever it's called. So, all in all, I live your story much better! Please Update soon!
4/1 c6 Guest
I am very happy about this Chapter! I am glad that The Phantom and Christine got their happy ending! No disaster of a Sequel needed! I mean, Love Never Dies is such a disaster on so many levels! I am looking forward to many more Chapters to this story! And, if you could write more stories about Erik and Christine's life together, that would be great!
3/31 c5 Guest
Please don't let anything happen to Erik! I have always wanted he and Christine to end up together! If anything, something should happen to that pesky Raoul! Raoul is such a pain!

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