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for Evil vs Evil (Baki x Black Lagoon)

5/2 c6 Spider999
There's only one word to describe this chapter:BRUTAL!
The fighting between all the characters were excellent and spot in the violence.
I think the highlight of this chapter was showing up and healing all the people injury wiht the five convicts,especially three important ladys.
So thank you so much for this unexpected chapter!
5/21/2023 c5 Spider999
My god man,the wait was worth it,I'm just so so happy to finally read this chapter,it was so good and the ending dude,Baki,Roberta and Fabiola (With the aid of Mr. Chang) against Spec and Yanagi,it's just wants me to read the next chapter asap.
What more can I say that,Welcome back Evil vs Evil,can't wait to read chapter 6,and read how more intense and bloody the fights are gonna get.
11/22/2022 c4 8Lucius Walker
Mm, such a fascinating prompt! Not enough love for both Baki and BL. .

Can't wait for the next chapter!
10/1/2022 c4 A. J Savage
Well, at least most of the mafias are dead !
5/31/2022 c4 JustJack
I'm loving how you wrote these fights, they didn't stifle or stumble at any point.
6/24/2021 c4 6Cross177
I won’t lie, you got me interested.

While I’m disappointed Balalaika got killed by Sikorsky, something tells me the Baki bullshitery of Kung Fu Medicine will pull off a miracle realigning her spine back.

Aside from that, you got Baki and Jack coming down to Thailand to be the first to face one of the Convicts. I’m curious if Spec is gonna get a One on One against the Bloodhound, or if Hanayama came with the Hanma brothers and not gonna be appreciative of hearing or seeing Spec kidnapping a child just to get a fight.
3/19/2021 c4 Spider999
Good to see a new chapter of this fanfic, things are going to get really interesting now that Baki and Jack Hanma are in Roanapur, i honestly never thought that this two will show up.
Now that the Hanma brothers are in Roanapur, does that mean that Yujiro is going to show up at some point in the story, because if he show up, the city of the damned is fuck.
Anyway, see you in the next chapter, goodbye!
4/15/2020 c3 3Mr.Green37
I can't tell who Abrego should be more scared of: Roberta or Dorian. For one thing, Roberta is Roberta. And Dorian is a god Damn Kaioh.
4/12/2020 c2 Guest
Oh boy this is getting good please continue.
4/6/2020 c2 15Agurra of the Darkness
On the one hand, this does make a twisted kind of sense. Baki and Black Lagoon could exist in the same world, would explain ow people like Roberta and Revy can do half the shit they pull off on a regular basis.

That being said...there is no conceivable way anyone from Black Lagoon could take on any member of the 5 Convicts, regardless of the stuff they do in the series or what weapons they have.

Roberta already has no chance since the most impressive feats of strength she has mainly amount to overpowering Dutch, stabbing into a car and breaking a knife blade with her teeth. Speck meanwhile regularly plows his way through several feet of concrete like it's nothing, casually shot himself in the face, tore apart a well trained and elite Japanese Police unit and damn near pulverized the Statue of Liberty, all with his bare hands. The only way she'd stand a chance is if you really low balled the guy.

Simply put, only logical way this could go is with the Five Criminals ripping Roanapur apart and murdering every asshole there. Not that I wouldn't enjoy reading that.
3/27/2020 c1 3Mr.Green37
Okay this makes so much sense and thank you for making this.

So will it just be the five most badass convicts or will any other Baki characters appear? Also Spec is best convict.

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