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for Gotham City Sirens - Spoiled!

6/6 c1 Never Morrison
Awwwwwe. This actually had me tearing up at the end! Very sweet!
5/29 c1 2wolf40k
I love the concept of this story, love the story too. ;)
I followed incase you ever decide to take this further than a one shot
4/19 c1 1Buffycmi
omg this is so cute, and so well written!
3/30 c1 LoganTheNarutoLover
Wow I really enjoyed this alot. Loved Bruce getting it for being a jerk by Selina and the relationship between Harley, Selina, and ivy and Steph. Selina seeing herself in Steph got me they both deserved better but they don't let it bog them down all the time.I can't wait for more if you continue this.
3/28 c1 exoplanetprincess
This is amazing!
3/27 c1 4SunsetsandSmokebombs
Um, yo... this is freaking amazing? I just read GCS last month too, so I love how this works in that sphere! The characterizations are perf. Ugh, it's so good! Makes me wanna write again. You're a really fun writer and I can't wait to read more of your stuffs.
3/27 c1 12treesofsilverleaves
this is so cute and good and fun
3/27 c1 12Falconress
I love this! It's incredible how easily you made it fit!

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