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10/4 c10 Guest
Would be cool if Jon taught Ned a healing spell

Maybe oak flesh to add to his defenses

Would be awesome if Jon also enchanted the bloodskal blade with deferent elements too since he’s the arch mage maybe have the enchanters in winterhold help too

Maybe have it shoot out different elements depending on jons mood

Maybe a fear slash that makes people run away lol

The slash is still damaging like a fully upgraded bloodskal blade but there’s some fear splash damage from the survivors

Maybe hysteria too lol

Maybe he could summon the gatekeeper of Skyrim Valhalla forgot his name but he was a big ass mother fucker
10/4 c8 Guest
I wanna see the others skill tree lol ya could probably wiki it

Would be cool if jon has a very long lifespan like Serana so she won’t watch him wither and die with time

Mirak was alive for a hell of a long time so maybe dragon blood and souls is enough to make him unaging

I imagine in the real world having a soul and blood of a dragon would give him eternal longevity just like the dragons

The winter king is gonna get smacked under Jon’s knee

Jon’s got dragon friends that could make the true north’s winter landscape into hell

Wonder what would happen if Jon and all the dragons shout for storm call in his territory?

Make lightning more plentiful than snow fall that’s what XD

it would totally look like raijin island in one piece

Durnevir could probably command the night kings dead probably lol
10/5 c10 Mcgiggletits
More please! This is fantastic!
9/14 c2 Cerberusx
Wouldn't Hermaeus Mora also be Jon's Deadric prince as well?
9/14 c8 16Puffgirl1952 the 2nd
Looking forward to the next update
9/12 c10 Shadow55
When you about to update new chapter please
9/14 c10 1Jade-of-Summer
I’m loving this story! I’m a sucker for a OP Jon. Can’t wait for more!
9/10 c10 RedAlpha22
I love this. Can't wait for more.
9/8 c10 Velin63
can't wait for the next chapter
9/7 c10 1N0o0o0o
Nooo please make sure to write more of this
9/7 c10 ZeroUzumakiXX
I guess the next chapter will show their arrival in Moat Cailin and Jon meeting with Robb and the Lords of the North.
9/3 c10 Shadow55
More please
9/4 c5 fatandsquat
why spend so much time retelling canon?
Is this the theme of this entire fic? Retelling canon while the Dragonborn watching from the side, ready to save the day?
8/31 c1 1Lillian2019
A Unique and enjoyable read.
8/30 c10 Helily
Ah, so I might be squealing happily about Shadowmere’s appearance out of nowhere. And I love Cotton, by the way.
Looking forward to seeing Jon show his serious death giving skills with his scary armor. And oh wow it is going to be so awkward for Ned to tell Jon his origins. You brought this on yourself, Ned! Tsk. Anyway, loving the magic and would love to see Arya and Sansa learn what Jon learned in Skyrim.
Had fun reading this fic; thank you
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