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15h c9 Batros940
Good story. Hopefully you continue it the future.
8/22 c10 Warmaiden777
This is now my new favorite fanfic for this crossover. Can’t wait for the next chapter!
8/16 c10 Guest
When are you going to update this story, it's very good and I left in the suspense
7/30 c10 interestedin1allthings
I hope you update soon
7/25 c9 ZeroUzumakiXX
Still waiting for new chapters.
7/17 c4 Naruto420
Jon is like a Kage now. Kage of the thieves guild
7/17 c3 Naruto420
Jon is going to destroy pycelle
7/17 c2 Naruto420
This is very good. Jon is famous, powerful and Filthy Rich. I like it
7/17 c1 Naruto420
So far I like it. Now going to read chapter 2
4/18 c1 Ltbutterfly287
I would simply like to say that there are tow kinds of dargonborn, those with no parents like the PC in skyrim who is essentially as close to a god as you can be without being one. And then there are those who had mothers that akatosh made pregnant. Jon being Dovahkin but still having Rheagar as a father is a huge plot hole for anyone who actually knows ES
4/8 c10 Alexander gadd
Great story hope to see it updated again
3/24 c10 Velin63
please update soon
3/13 c10 D3Diton
new post when?
3/3 c10 Rogal Dorky
I hope Jon will summon durnehviir and found out his real parents.
2/22 c10 DracoKing30
Really love this story can't wait for new chapters
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